Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Spiral to Irrelevancy

Major Mike

Adam Lashinsky does a fantastic job of pointing out the cluelessness of today’s MSM paper pushers. Covering the USB Global Media Conference in New York, he does a great job of ticking off their long list of woes…declining stock prices, declining circulations, declining revenues, and the fierce competition they face… from blogs to Craigslist.

Analyzing the article a bit further, it demonstrates how current paper media is failing as a business. As
Hugh Hewitt has often pointed out, paper MSM’s failures to adapt to the new media, and to energize their businesses will eventually lead to their demise. Even McDonald’s offers salads; the paper MSM has not innovated in dozens of years.

The boom of investigative journalism post-Watergate, has been tainted with fabricated stories and reporter abuses…crippling, perhaps the only growth sector of their business. Well documented newsroom bias, selective (liberal) editorial slants, and journalistic snobbery have centered their marketing to the left-center one-third of our population. Their liberal, elitist choices have diminished their product’s marketability and collapsed their markets, and they don’t seem to care. They will sail their liberal Titanics, and their shareholders, into bankruptcies.

Follow that with this delicious, but not unexpected piece about a
PBS hatchet job on domestic violence, children, and custody fights, it is little wonder that these media outlets are shrinking faster than the Wicked Witch of the West in a thunderstorm.

This article points out how the producers ignored the arrests of one of its “heroines” for domestic violence and the multiple investigations centering around her for child abuse.

“The documentary is accused of mischaracterization. For example, Sadia Loeliger is featured as a heroic mom and survivor of domestic violence. But the extensive court documents, findings and reports reveal Loeliger to be guilty of multiple acts of child abuse which led to her losing custody of two daughters.

Police documents reveal she was arrested and jailed for felony domestic violence. No similar documents exist regarding the accused father.”

Now, how is it conceivable that the leftists at PBS could defend this type of work? This piece could only serve as an opportunity for PBS to police itself, and spur it to avoid repeats. But as we have seen with a multitude of other “journalistic” endeavors, they will simply gloss over it, insert some highly ineffective editorial screens in their future processes, and continue turn out the same kind of biased, agenda driven garbage that this “documentary” represents.
It is further evidence that the journalistic elites feel that they should be driving the culture and issues in this society, because the rest of us are too stoooopid to figure it out for ourselves. I am sick of the words journalist and journalism. Let’s call these endeavors what they are… movies, novellas and tabloids.

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