Friday, January 26, 2007

My Letter of Disgust to Senator Gordon Smith, R- OR

Major Mike

Dear Senator Smith,

As a Republican and retired Marine Officer I am deeply concerned about your non-support of our President and our troops in this time of war. I find your vote to confirm General Petreaus, then to waffle on giving him the troops he needs to execute a plan he helped developed, grossly hypocritical in the least and disingenuous at its best. You are sending him to Iraq as a pre-positioned Senatorial scapegoat. Shameful.

Your maneuverings, and the similar maneuverings of some of your Republican counterparts, are obvious ploys to straddle the issue in an effort to preserve your places in the Senate, and they do no service to this country, or to our troops in the field. This kind of weather-vaning is not the hallmark of a leader, but more a representation of a self-preservationist trying to play all sides at the same time. I find it gutless and reprehensible. Stand up and be counted, this is no time to abandon the sacrifices that have already been made, or to squander the foothold of democracy that those sacrifices have carved out.

Unless you can find the courage to see our effort in Iraq through, you and the Republican Party will receive none of my support out into the future. You will not receive a vote from me any time out into the future, and furthermore, I will do everything in my power to block your re-election. The same will go for the Republican Party…I will not squander my contributions to the political process on feckless Republicans serving their own interests, and who are more committed to their seats in the Congress, than they are in doing the right thing for this nation and its servicemen and women.

Wake up Senator…find the moral courage to see this fight through…your vote put us there, now have the guts to back your vote.

Very Sincerely,

Michael E. McBride
Major USMC (Ret.)


Mr.Atos said...


I keep starting that letter, but then realize Smith doesn't give a crap about his base... just his arse. And will be wiping Smith off with the Chafee and Hagel in 2008. because, while the Left may love him as a RINO, they'll never vot for him. And so who does he think he is pandering too.

Of course he may be acting from his heart... selling America to its enemies. And then we really dont want him around.

In short, to hell with the SOB! I'll vote for the diseased baboon!

Lisa N said...

Dear Maj Mike, thank you for the inspiration to write another letter. Senator Smith was my last hope for sanity in Oregon politics....lovely Oregon land of fruits, nuts and flakes. All are serving in Washington D.C. When he recently requested additional financial support, I responded that after watching him collapse like a used tissue, he can look elsewhere. I am disgusted that he is showing no more class or backbone than the rest of them.

Kerry said...


Anonymous said...

What I sent to the senator:
Dear Senator

Please do everything in your power to bring victory to the forces of democracy in IRAQ. Lets not squander this historic opportunity to change the face of the middle east. I think its a fundamental desire of every human being to be free. But I wonder, If I were to grow up in a nation state that lacked the freedom available to me as a US citizen would I desire or recognize the value in that freedom? Would I have become conditioned to accept the conditions of a life not lived under the banner of freedom? Is it not our moral obligation to shine a light on freedom? To lead? For as humans we truly shine under a vibrant liberal free democracy. What human potential lies unlocked in those societies constrained by despots and authoritarian rulers? Many questions, a simple answer. Freedom. So I beg of you stand up be counted, support the mission, support the troops, support democracy and support the future of the free people of IRAQ.

Tim Morin

Major Mike said...

Nicely done Tim.

Mr.Atos said...

Thank you Tim! Between you and Mike, the thoughtful clarity has both moved and inspired me.

Well done!

wil keepers said...

I have written three letters to Gordon Smith even though I am now living in California (and have since leaving the military in 2002), I still consider myself an Oregonian and hope to move my family back once we can sell our house here and find jobs up there around Roseburg. I posted the first one on my blog ( in December after he began his craven crawling towards the lunatic fringe and have become more and more disgusted with him as I watch him sell out our troops. Leadership is about courage, and too many Republicans lack the courage to do right since the last election. To me, it is worse to be walking away from your principles for political reasons than to have misguided principles in the first place.

Mr.Atos said...

"it is worse to be walking away from your principles for political reasons than to have misguided principles in the first place."

And that is precisely why the Democrats are in charge. They may be wrong, but they are true to their principles. THey are the 'better' party... as malevolent and misguided as they may be.

Boghie said...

Awesome letter Mike...

I terribly regret to inform each of you that my Senators are Boxer and Feinstein. They are not worth the chance of being stricken with carpal-tunnel syndrome as I type a similar treatise to them. Common Sense is not their first language.

The one fact I find heartening is that America was able to pull General Petraeus out of direct combat to train other Americans for the fight. The Germans had fighter pilots with over 200 kills in WWII. They kept their best in the fight till they died. The Allies would return their best to training centers and ramp up new cadre.

Who won that war?

We are doing the same now.