Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Brotha Necessity... Obama Says, "Let them eat Cupcakes!"


Episodes like this one, encourage me to start blogging again. Consider lines like this from Obama's recent appearance in Raleigh

Obama says, "we helped stop a recession from becoming a depression," and explains how the jobs programs in the stimulus are helping. Says tax cuts are helping people buy "cupcakes and other necessities of life."

Now, had Bush said this, the Media would be hounding him as absurb, calous, thoughtless, idiotic and out of touch. And maybe rightly so, because the statement is moronic to say the least. Except that Obama wasn't being moronic, he was being quite sardonic in his gratuitous disrespect and disdain for the America People. And yet the same people who feared that the last President would abscond with their liberty, do no more than giggle at the intense loathing this Man holds for them and humanity in general.

Mother Necessity is said to have birthed a Nation of dreamers and achievers the likes of which humanity had never seen. This Man should come to be known as Brotha Necessity as he will make certain her offspring return to the dirt from wence they arose; housed, dumb, happy and progressively declining until they are all dead... all by his Necessity and of course, his Brother Love.

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