Thursday, December 30, 2004

Curiouser and Curiouser...


The election results for the governor's race in th State of Washington are scheduled to be certified by the Secretary of State in Olympia today. After nearly two months of counting and recounting the Repubican candidate's victory, the Democrats conveniently scrounged the
votes that count to give Gregoire a razor thin edge. The edge came - thanks in no small part to the State's Supreme Court - by the selective counting of newly 'discovered' ballots from the Democrat's stronghold of King County... only (a blue splotch on a red state). Suddenly time is of the essence for the certification of victory. Again, how convenient. With uncertainty abounding, Rossi has appropriately petitioned his oppenent for a run-off. Afterall, it worked in Ukraine to resolve the scandal; albeit Rossi hasn't been poisoned... yet. But, with the perception of victory in hand moments away fom the prize, it is extremely unlikely that Washington Democrats will suddenly discover integrity. And it is doubtful that the Red counties (3/4 of the state) will march on Seattle, like their insane counterparts. The Seattle Post-Intelligencer is indeed reporting this morning that a request for revote has been rejected,

County election officials across the state have turned down the Republican Party's request to reconsider rejected votes for gubernatorial candidate Dino Rossi, who is now faced with contesting the entire election or conceding.

State Democratic Party Chairman Paul Berendt called the county auditors' uniform refusal a clear sign that the never-ending governor's election has finally run its course.

"Chris Gregoire will be the next governor of Washington state," Berendt said. "Canvassing boards have spoken, and they have clearly stated this election is done."

Berendt went on to boldly proclaim,
"Republicans and Democrats across the state have worked together to have an accurate hand count. Rossi just didn't like the results. His last shot at overturning the election faded today, when Democratic and Republican auditors turned him down."
So that's it. It was close...

Or is it? is reporting that the State GOP has filed a public records request demanding a list of voters in Washington state's most populous county.
Chris Vance, state Republican party chairman, said officials will decide whether to challenge the recount results after studying the voter rolls from King County, a Democratic stronghold that includes Seattle.

"We're mostly posing questions," he said. "King County is where we saw the votes changing. King County is the one county that was allowed to take ballots that were declared dead in November and bring them back to life in December."

In light of the tight margins on this election where each count has yielded a different number, with two varying results resting on a margin of 1/1000th of a percent, a closer inspection would seem in order. Over at PullOnSupermansCape, Emcee has run some interesting mathematical analyses of the recount results.

Perhaps it is no coincidence that the Washington state lottery site has 'Election Results' listed at the top center of its site. The odds of winning the Lotto game in Washington (picking 6 of 49 numbers) are 13,983,816 to 1 (you get two chances per one dollar ticket).

What King County and the Democratic party would like us to believe is that Christine Gregoire is the recipient of good fortune that is 20% more improbable than a Lotto win. That one county produced two sets of recount data, reported that data after all the other counties had reported, and just randomly found enough 'votes' to overturn an election.

Cynics might offer that people actually do win the Lottery. They might suggest that this is just the way things happened, that simply because it is this way - it just happened. Against all odds, it just happened. They forget that when the Lottery is won it is the result of millions and millions of chances taken by millions of people so that the odds are matched by the number of sets of numbers selected.

The only certain way to win the Lotto is to buy 6,991,908 tickets and pick all 13,983,816 sets of numbers. The only certain way to overturn the Washington gubernatorial election through recounts was to do so with explicit human intervention.

As Emcee concludes, the Democrats are not concerned with the notable improbability of their charade, they "are willing to play the odds that no one will pursue and gather the evidence that will expose their actions." In the past they have been correct. The Mainstream Partisan Media is clearly willing to provide them with cover. The Komo Story offers this mention...
The latest tally included 732 disputed ballots from King County, which the state Supreme Court last week ruled could be counted despite objections from Republicans. The ballots had been mistakenly thrown out because of problems scanning signatures into a computer.

... and yet they, the Times and Post-Intelligencer fall far short of endorsing a public disclosure of the 732 questionable ballots in King County, nor do they bother to link this image of one of those ballots in question. Over at SoundPolitics, they note the 'fascinating irregularities' in the King County voter database:

* More than 500 people registered at the King County Administration Building, and several more registered at City Halls around King County. Although this provision was created for homeless people, some of these voters have also been found in the property tax rolls as homeowners. Others provide mailing addresses in other states and countries.

* Several deceased people have been found in the voter rolls. At least one of them passed away as long ago as 1998.

* Thousands of obvious data errors have been noticed: voters who are recorded as having registered in 1904; 258 who are recorded as having voted in future elections;2,500 who are recorded as genderless.

* Voters who are registered and have voted using aliases that don't appear to be legal name changes.

* Hundreds of people are registered at non-residential addresses: private mailbox services, storage rental facilities, office buildings.

* Hundreds more are registered giving their permanent residence at temporary shelters for the homeless, released convicts, mentally ill, runaway teenagers.

* Many, many people are registered multiple times.

* In additon to all of the above I learned by speaking with state and county elections officials that there are essentially no procedures being used to verify whether a person who registers to vote is actually eligible to vote.

* And then there are the numerous e-mails I receive from readers who tell me that they receive absentee ballots that should never have been sent, such as for long-deceased former residents, and duplicate ballots for wives under both the maiden and married names.

Take a look at Jim Miller's theory of Distributive Voter Fraud as it applies to King County. I suspect it is a tactic that is systematically applied in similar Blue counties throughtout the United States to one degree or another, including Multnomah County in Oregon.

Out of failure comes opportunity (HT. Dueler). The blatant pilfering of the governor's election in Washington provides a invitation for a deeper inspection of the Left's fraud machine. Many voters there across the spectrum demand to know just how far down does this rabbit (or
Morlock) hole go? One wishes that MSM journalists in Washington and the nation were even a fraction as curious as Alice.

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