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Conspiracy of Silence...

Eason Jordan's slip exposes the Main-Stream Media's main problem


Eason Jordan's
inane musings in Davos caused a flurry that has since deteriorated to a full-blown scandal by a conspiracy of silence on this issue (see previous post). Old Busted Media outlets, Two Democrat Senators, Barney Frank and Chris Dodd, and a current professor of public service at Harvard's John F. Kennedy School of Government and director of its Center for Public Leadership, David Gergen, could shed light on this issue. The Senators owe it to the nation that they represent to bring clarity to this matter. Gergen himself, former advisor to President Clinton, moderated the particular discussion at the World Economic Forum. Richard Sambrook, the worldwide director of BBC radio, and a number of other journalists were in attendance from various agencies. And yet, as Hugh Hewitt has pointed out, typing in "Mattis" on any search engine will get one an endless array of links from worldwide media on the United States Marine Corp's General James Mattis' remarks this past week. Likewise, typing in "Eason Jordan"will get nothing concerning Jordan's scandalous accusation. Certainly if CNN shared a more 'fair and balance' approach at objective reporting, they would be eager to resolve this issue with facts rather than spin and obfuscation concerning the comments of a Chief Executive at that news agency. Clearly, the network's evolving reaction to this building story - from emails blaming disenfranchised context to a their weak defense of invective conjecture - makes it clear that they realize a major problem is unfolding for them. Bill Roggio takes CNN to task both in his direct response to their form letter, and on his website, The Fourth Rail. (Excerpt below)

I have suspended citing CNN as a source of material in my weblog, which is viewed by over 1,500 people a day, until I am convinced CNN is honest in getting to the bottom of this story. My readers typically follow the links through on my posts to read my sources. I have copied other bloggers in an attempt to convince them to do the same. Hopefully this will create a noticeable impact on your site hits and give your advertisers pause.
Indeed. Perhaps it is time to re-tag the decrepit network with a more appropriate moniker... CNNTN and bring back Rich Hall and Melanie Chartoff to anchor.

Hugh Hewitt has been breaking new ground on this story. His recent email exchange with Rony Abovitz provides interesting clarification and damning confirmation of what Abovitz originally reported from his first-hand account of the WEF Panel discussion. In Hugh's weekly conversation with Chris Wallace, there seemed to be strong interest on the part of the Fox News journalist to bring Jordan's remarks before the panel at Fox News Sunday. Additionally, Hugh plans to alert the panel to the Jordan story during his Sunday appearance on The Chris Matthews Show. Hugh will be interesting. Chris however, is an imbecile... the Betram Scudder of contemporary journalism, to be sure.

Do let's see that video! Over at
Sisyphean Musings, Sisyphus has been in contact with Mark Adams, Head of media at the World Economic Forum(Hat Tip: Hewitt and Capt Ed). Mr. Adams has agreed to release a copy of the video of the WEF proceedings and Jordan's comments to him by midweek. We wait to see. Nice work with that boulder, Sir. But, do remember what happens when it gets near the top. One would think any of the major networks could have made a similar request, or that video copies would have been made available for distribution in various formats, else why film it at all. The delay would seem deliberate. Nevertheless, suspicion does not detract from the tremendous effort to further this story and thread clarity through the fog of evasion.

As usual, Ed over at
Captain's Quarter's has been plowing a highway through the barb-wire surrounding what he has come to call Eason's Fables. He previews a story from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and expresses growing disappointment with Howard Kurtz in addition to rolling updates.

LaShawnBarber is maintaining what she calls, The Eason Jordan Repository, with links, analysis and a chronology of how Jordan's career perished, taking his network with him. Nice work and definitely worth frequent visits.

As mentioned previously, over at a site called
Resonant Information, there is posted a breakdown of some 12 reporters that are said to have been killed as a direct result of U.S. action, providing some verification of Jordan's claim, yet no justification of his charge. The list of some 46 reporters and assistants that have been killed in action in Iraq, is also maintained by Reporters without Borders. It can be viewed here as well with interactive links to each individual and the conditions surrounding there demise. No doubt this will factor to some extent into Mr. Jordan's defense when the swarm finally stings him out of his rabbit hole.

Additional discussions regarding the Jordan story can be linked at
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(Thanks Hugh. I started my reading this morning with your listed and added additions)

Sunday will be the final opportunity for the Old Busted Media to set this right. The story of Eason Jordan's scandalous remarks in Davos is already a week old and there has been scant reporting regarding the matter. Another weeklong blackout from the purveyors of information will confirm the irrelevance of an institution that has abandoned its manifest. The OBM is eager to invent controversy where none exists replacing the market for truth with a brothel of rhetoric. The Congressman are no better. Democrat Senators have become expert at bloviating criticisms aimed at the administration, the military, and the Right. Frank's and Dodd's shilling for Jordan via their notable silence in this matter further underscores their own ignominy. Americans deserve better from their second and fourth estates. Jordan's public allegations charging the US Military with targeted assasination and torture of journalists is as absurd as it is unfuriating. But the scandal itself is quickly shifting from the remarks themselves to the silence in their aftermath. Conspiracies are born of concerted intent to conceal or deceive. In this case, it is clear that 'intent' is replaced with commonality of sensibility aimed at the preservation of an
aristocracy whereby nobles are never denigrated before the peasantry of common folk. Hence the real problem is not merely the Left's disillusion with America's virtue, their distrust of her power, intolerance for dissent(of them) and disgust for the military, but that in a majority of their institutions, the truth is subordinated to image and agenda.

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