Tuesday, February 01, 2005

'Blog' Review - Chapter 1...


What happened indeed?! The internet was gradually transformed from a reference novelty to a medium of focused hyperdiscourse at the time that control of traditional avenues of information dissemination had become nearly complete in the hands of Progressive Signal cops. What it did for commercial enterprise in the 90's, the Web was about to do in the dawn of the third millenium for truth. A revolution was unleashed.

In the first Chapter of his latest book,
'Blog: Understanding The Information Reformation That's Changing Your World,' Hugh Hewitt provides a brief, but thorough analysis of the rise of internet blogging from the early sprinkling of virtual diaries to the current maelstrom of intractive neo-journalism. Providing an imperative overview of five key events in the information Reformation, Hugh has secured a milestone in the historic record. His is a first-hand anthropological account of an epic change that permanently transformed a people, their nation, its world, and the course of civilization in ways that can be only guessed at the moment, but will surely clarify in time with full vindication for its disciple of truth.

The significance of the book so far, for this lightweight blogger, is quite profound as the events recorded, formed the environment of inspiration for active participation. The contribution is often rarely apparent save for the occassional, comment, trackback, or even rarer mention. The steady trickle of the counter feeds aspiration, but the motives are bigger than aggrandizement. The desire to be part of history has become available to the bystander who has no excuse to stand by as the pickets file past toward the frontline of reason. A single report fired into the mayhem seems ineffective and unnoticed. But, as one particular shot directed in a volley, the impact can be devastating.

Do I get it? Yes, I think so.

Bravo, Hugh! On to Chapter2.

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