Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The New Imperial Senate...


This morning, I have just one question... Where is the vote for cloture and confirmation of Justice Priscilla Owen? That vote was promised by Senate Majority leadership today. It should have taken place first thing this morning, regardless of controversy surrounding any 'deals.'

Are we awaiting yet another disaster, Mr. Frist? Or do you intend to let this fine professional and American be publicly humiliated for another week or two. She is better than that... and quite frankly better than you.

We have sat by for four months as Frist and his Senate apologists have asked us to wait, one more week, two more weeks, three more weeks, next week, tomorrow. And last night we got shafted. Senate Republicans gave Democrats four months to abuse some of the finest statesman this nation has produced, sitting by and allowing them to be semantically raped daily by the insane Left in media, the special interest thugs, and by Democrat Senators on the floor. Byrd Demonstrated on multiple occasions that he no longer needed a white sheet and hood to pontificate his loathsome bigotry. Democrats gave the grand wizard a platform, and Republicans gave him the time. Owens, chained to a hijacked shaft of glorified procedure, was allowed to be publicly flogged along with nearly every other Presidential nominee to come before this ridiculous body of political aristocracy; including Condoleeza Rice, and John Bolton.

What success did that time buy him, them or us?

Did Republicans lose by this 'deal?' The details are still being evaluated. Hugh Hewitt finds some silver lining to both the dark and gray clouds, but finds little to cheer about. Captain Ed breaks it down to find nothing accomplished by an argument sacrificed. Mitch Berg is just incensed, and for good reason. John Hinderaker will be on MSNBC Live at 12:45 central time, talking about the filibuster compromise (Powerline). There is much discussion over at The Corner.

You bet we lost last night! Regardless of the details of this particular deal, good men and woman have been effectively abandoned. Despite potential confirmation, in payment for tolerating unconscionable and humiliating abuse, fine citizens like Priscilla Owen got to hear the malevolent Mr. Byrd hiss the self-serving fallacious soundbite, "We have kept the Republic..." And Republicans are now treating that reprehensible little fiend like a hero. What good man or woman will ever allow themselves to be dragged through the feces of a Senate confirmation process after watching this atrocity unfold. What good Executive would ask them to do it?

And that afterall, was the goal of the vile little men and woman of the Democrat party who surrendered all semblance of civility to dedicate four months (and four years) to impugning the characters and assisinating the personal and professional reputations of good citizens of the United States of America. And what was the goal of the reprehensible little cowards who abandoned the Conservative base (and the elected President) to accommodate Democrats? Power! Media popularity.

John McCain, Chuck Hagel, Lincoln Chafee, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins, Mike DeWine, Lindsey Graham

And what don't we yet know about this agreement?

For all the recent straw arguments about majority power, minority rights, and checks and balance, what Fourteen Senators gained for themselves last night was the usurpation of concentrated Senate authority that effectively establishes a kleptocratic legislative star chamber with despotic control over every other Branch of American government.

Thank you Mr. Frist for providing opportunity for a handful of RINO's and a publicly rejected party of radical Senators to fortify Vicksburg!

UPDATE: 05.24.05:10:32

Senate Votes to End Filibuster on Judge ... The vote was 81-18 with opponents of the Texas Supreme Court justice falling well short of the 60 needed to continue their filibuster. A vote to confirm Owen could come as early as Tuesday.

Tuesday! Just what is wrong with Wednesday?! Another week, Mr. Frist?

Michelle depicts a Republican Buckle! If only the leadership knew how to employ such things to punish insolent stupidty.

Major Mike asks, Where is Spartacus? ... even slaves need strong leadership to escape the chains of their own pathetic demise.

Doug T. calls it a sucker punch. Maybe so, but it was telegraphed like hurricane warning.

OkieBoy says the seven got conned! I'm not sure they bought the bridge as much as jumped off it. Maybe they did both. Good links. I'm not sure if we're seeing a swarm or a riot.

The Anchoress asks an obvious question...why trust Democrat Senators? Indeed! Never trust scoundrels and devils.

Is there a bright side?... The Stones Cry Out.

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