Wednesday, May 25, 2005

What is Being Left... (Chapter II)


Perhaps like James Taranto's Best of the Web over at Opinion Journal, this segment needs to be a weekly installment for MySandmen to publish. There is always a wealth of new information on the deterioration of the political Left from its foundations of liberty, civility, and progress... to a reeking cesspool of concentrated hate, depravity, and violence.

Just look at this,
NYC Indymedia and Chicago Indymedia (HT: Michelle Malkin)

This July 4th is Flag Burning Day!
Every summer good Americans don their best red white and blue, and gorge themselves on beer and hotdogs to celebrate our independence from England, but from its very beginnings this country has been built on illegitimacies.

Might this be an example of a n t i - a m e r i c a n i s m? ... given the fundamental concept expressed in the premise is that "from its very beginnings this country has been built on illegitimacies..." Hmm?

Get your video cameras out, charged, and ready for July 4th, because the antics sponsored on that day by Indymedia will be a video extravaganza to be certain; and an event that all American's should see over and over again. The World Left and radical Islamic fascism seem to have more in common with each other than either share with mainstream America. And both are making it known in their own distinct - and increasingly similar - ways.

As noted in the
inaugueral post on this subject, the great egress continues. In his recent article in the San Fransisco Times, 'Leaving the left', Keith Thompson describes his own disillusion with the Left and why he chose to abandon the cess pool. (Excerpt Below)

"This past January, my liberalism was in full throttle when I bid the cultural left goodbye to escape a new version of that oppressiveness. I departed with new clarity about the brilliance of liberal democracy and the value system it entails; the quest for freedom as an intrinsically human affair; and the dangers of demands for conformity and adherence to any point of view through silence, fear, or coercion.

"True, it took a while to see what was right before my eyes. A certain misplaced loyalty kept me from grasping that a view of individuals as morally capable of and responsible for making the principle decisions that shape their lives is decisively at odds with the contemporary left's entrance-level view of people as passive and helpless victims of powerful external forces, hence political wards who require the continuous shepherding of caretaker elites.

"Leftists who no longer speak of the duties of citizens, but only of the rights of clients, cannot be expected to grasp the importance (not least to our survival) of fostering in the Middle East the crucial developmental advances that gave rise to our own capacity for pluralism, self-reflection, and equality. A left averse to making common cause with competent, self- determining individuals -- people who guide their lives on the basis of received values, everyday moral understandings, traditional wisdom, and plain common sense -- is a faction that deserves the marginalization it has pursued with such tenacity for so many years.

"All of which is why I have come to believe, and gladly join with others who have discovered for themselves, that the single most important thing a genuinely liberal person can do now is walk away from the house the left has built. The renewal of any tradition that deserves the name "progressive" becomes more likely with each step in a better direction."

Be sure to read the entire piece.

What is being Left is determined to undermine the mission of the United States in its global struggle with a brutal and aggressive fascist malevolence. What is being Left desires the Middle East to collapse into Civil War than for George Bush to continue to succeed seeding liberty. What is being Left would have our self-defense abandoned by the next generation of citizen-patriots. What is being Left condemns the greatest source of virtue this planet has ever know as the worst aggressor that humanity has ever seen.

What is being Left prefers the mayhem of chaos over the responsibilities of liberty! And it's concentration continues.

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