Thursday, July 27, 2006

New Direction, Same Compass...


The Democrats, it would seem, have unveiled
a New Direction for America as a map for their 2006 Congressional election strategy.

The American people are facing difficult times. Rising gas and health care costs are taking a toll on family budgets. Wages have not kept pace with inflation. Bright and eager high school graduates can no longer afford to go to college. And record deficits threaten to bury future generations in debt. America needs a New Direction.

The Democrats' new platform consists of several old key objectives:

Real Security... Democrats offer a plan for Real Security to rebuild our military; equip and train our first responders and others on the front lines here at home; provide needed benefits to our troops and veterans; fully man and equip our National Guard; promote alternative fuels and reduce dependence on foreign oil; and, restore Americans' confidence in their government's ability to respond in the face of a terrorist attack or natural disaster.
Note in the entire plan that there is no mention of actually attending to threats, nor any explanation of a foreign policy approach to global aggression. The new stragedy would seem to consist of retreating within the U.S. borders to await what next may come. Recall what that approach yielded previously.

Energize America... While the challenge of the energy crisis is real, American innovation and know-how can be put to work to achieve energy independence from Middle East oil in the next 10 years. America can develop emerging technologies to process homegrown alternative fuels. A sustained investment in research and development is crucial to creating cutting-edge technologies that allow us to develop these clean, sustainable energy alternatives and capitalize on America’s vast renewable natural resources.

And as we see here in Portland, this approach will result in a 15 to 20% increase in already high fuel prices, thereby negating the fundamental argument made for this particular agenda item. Furthermore, the very party that consistently stands opposed to expanded domestic oil exploration, production, refining, and that stands firmly against the development of nuclear energy production would have you believe they now have a viable solution to energy independence. If make less, use less, pay more is their new approach, one wonders how Americans "feeling the pain at the pump, and are worried about the security of our nation and our growing dependence on foreign oil" are going to be energized by the same old bromide. What has changed? What will change? ... except dimishing prosperity and opportunity.

The Innovation Agenda... We must make the decision now to ensure that America remains the world leader. Working with leaders from the high-technology, venture capital, academic, biotech and telecommunications sectors, we have identified and are committed to priorities that will guarantee our national security and prosperity, expand markets for American products, and assert economic leadership throughout the world. Together, America can do better.

Do better than what? America already leads the world in those areas mentioned, despite the anti-progress agenda of the Left. Do Democrats now intend to divorce themselves from the Left and their culture of litigation that has retarded ingenuity? No mention. And quite doubtful. Nevertheless, in their new direction, Democrats have dedicated themselves to a number of Statist approaches to intellectual development with ner a mention of encouragement of intellectual, entreprenuerial, and free-market development. Implement, Educate, Provide, Place, Pay, Institute, Create, Make... these are the verbs they propose in regards to their new direction. Nowhere, however, in their new direction is the word allow. And they certainly do not propose to finally get the hell out of the way of the free market. Governmental dictates and authoritarian management is a fundamental aspect of the Democrat agenda. Is this considered a new approach for Democrats?

Honest Leaders, Open Government... The Honest Leadership and Open Government Act is a comprehensive government reform plan that will clean up and protect the government from the Republican culture of corruption and quid pro quo politics.

Republican culture of corruption, indeed? Do let's ask Representative William Jefferson about the culture of Republican corruption. William Jefferson Blythe Clinton's past record in that regard already reflect's the Democrats dedication to address institutional corruption. Denial is their old appoach as well as their new direction. One might ask, what about, Cisneros, Rostenkowski, and Torricelli . And how about Abramoff and those Enron Democrats? Cynthia McKinney might well serve as their committee chairman in this regard if the Democrat's succeed... or in the very least, as their bouncer. Do note, however, that the accusation of malfeasance does not beget a crime. America might do well to take note of the Democrat Party's inability to recognize the difference... and consider the danger inherent to a ruling party that considers presumption akin to the assumption of guilt. Orwell gave fair warning.

New House Principles: A Congress For All Americans... Today in the House of Representatives, however, the voices of nearly half of the people have been silenced, and the marketplace of ideas has been effectively closed. Too often, incivility and the heavy hand of the majority have substituted for thoughtful debate.

It would seem that the new direction the Democrats propose is to ensure their voice be heard and headed, regardless the will of the people. As for the voice of the minority, do let's review how that party handles ideological dissent, even as it begs political inclusion in the face of popular exclusion.

GI Bill Of Rights... House Democrats are introducing the New GI Bill of Rights for the 21st Century to honor the bravery of our troops and the tremendous sacrifices that their families have made. The New GI Bill will repeal unfair tax burdens on military families, provide Veterans with the benefits they deserve like affordable health care, education and job training, strengthen our support for our men and women in uniform and improve benefits for our National Guard/Reservists.

And yet, the Democrats still refuse to support in any way, the GI mission... or the fundamental nature of their sacrifice. There is, no mention whatsoever of the actual tactical intent of a standing military nor an appreciation of its exstence. One might think from the Democrats identification of it's new directives, that the primary objective of America's miltary servicemen is to be a permanent welfare class; Pawns of their pleasures and weapons for their whims.

A Democrat Plan For Retirement And Security... Democrats are fighting to strengthen and safeguard Social Security's guaranteed benefit, but we must do more so that every American has the opportunity to build a secure retirement. Unfortunately, the Republican majority in Congress has done little to help American families save for their retirement years and has failed to protect pension benefits that workers were promised.

And yet the Democrats remain
actively and openly opposed to any effective measures aimed at reforming the quickly crumbling federal retirement system, even while proposing a new class of illegal recipients. Perthaps the entirety of their new approach is accelerated failure!

If all of this is a new direction for Democrats, that's only because they have turned the map upside down and followed the exact same compass in the opposite direction. Failure remains their inevitable manifest of destiny. The new approach is the exact same old thing they've always said and done, except different. And they are counting on the fact that America is too stupid to notice.

Well, are you?


Boghie said...

Just trying to remember...

The last widely used fuel developed by the government - any government...

Can't s-e-e-m to remember...

Mr.Atos said...

Well, there is bullsh*t. Widely produced by Government. Vastly consumed by the public. Cheap, filthy, inefficient, and smells like ass... or more accurately, donkey!

Otherwise, good point Boghie!