Thursday, July 20, 2006

Total War, Part 2


As events continue to unfold in Israel and Lebanon, it seems that we are headed for total war against Militant Islam, whether we like it or not. Total wars bring about total victors and total losers - but not without a horrific dose of pain and suffering.

The first realization that we must come to is the near inevitibility of this total war - simply because we don't want it doesn't mean that isn't on the mind of Militant Islam. After that initial realization, one understands that it is much more favorable to be the victor, rather than the vanquished, in a total war (we're not here yet because we're still trying to decide if our way of life is worth defending). After that, one makes the preparations necessary to effectively fight the enemy, both in mental resolve and adequate investment in weapons technology. After that, one develops a methodology of tactics and strategy to defeat the enemy. Then one implements those tactics and strategies.

But back to this point: I don't think most people comprehend exactly what it would mean to lose to Islamic Militancy. I think most people in the liberal west would have a problem with forced prayer every day, let alone forced religion. I think most women in the liberal west would have a big problem with not being allowed to display their hair. In short, I think most people would have a big problem with not being able to choose their own destiny. THAT is what will happen, in the midst of a horribly broken civilization, if Militant Islam wins.

We are all human, and therefore have the capacity to fight with incredible ferocity. Would that we were able to muster the same ferocity as a Militant Islamist. War is hell, and the choice of violence always entails a loss of some degree of humanity. But what awaits us on the other side? Where liberal democracies are victors, the vanquished are helped back on their feet, and liberal democracy expands. Where totalitarian regimes are victors, the vanquished are murdered or enslaved and liberal democracy contracts or is destroyed.

If we want to live, and live freely, we will learn how to fight, and to win. As it stands now, we haven't decided that we want to live, so what follows remains academic. But academics tends to fall by the wayside when enough people around you start dying.

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Major Mike said...

Great essays dueler!!! I don't think that this can be said enough...until we get out of our malaise, and understand the gravity of the situation. MM