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The Flying Imams; Tucson Chapter...I Pick Answers b. and c.,...the C.A.I.R. Edition

Major Mike

Michelle Malkin caught my eye with here December 1st post entitled "PJM exclusive: The flying imams police report." She links to a PJM story by Richard Miniter, here. He starts off confirming something that I suspected last week...

"The case of U.S. Airways flight 300 gets stranger by the minute. When six traveling Muslim clerics were asked to deplane last week, it looked like another civil rights controversy against post-9-11 airport security.
Now new information is emerging that suggests it was all a stunt designed to weaken security…."

I suggested on November 22nd, that it was an operation designed to achieve one, or a combination of three ojectives...

"But what if there were one, possibly more factors at play here? What if the Imams were… a. Directly testing US Airways by pushing an extreme set of circumstances upon them. Circumstances specifically designed to embarrass them and garner empathy from the MSM; and/or… b. They were directly challenging the security system to test for a response, a response they could perhaps compromise under a different, more serious set of circumstances; and/or… c. They were given the exact response they expected, and that they are using the resulting clamor to get the TSA and airlines to become “more sensitive” to Islamic travelers, and eventually creating a gap in our security… a gap created by this “respect” for Islam…a gap that they could possibly leverage for future attacks. Attacks possibly carried out by some disguised as Imams.(?)" (my emphasis, new)

I pick both b. and c. This was an active test, and the subsequent CAIR PR work is specifically designed to get us to be more "sensitive" to traveling Muslims...translate "sensitive" into more lax, and they will have created the the opening they wish to have for their next attack.

Richard Miniter connects the dots for those who empathize with our poor distressed, airport protesting, abused Imams...

"Other Muslim passengers were left undisturbed and later joined in a round of applause for the U.S. Airways crew. “It wasn’t that they were Muslim. It was all of the suspicious things they did,” Pauline said."

"Sitting in Minneapolis-St. Paul’s Airport Gate C9, she noticed one of the imams immediately. “He was pacing nervously, talking in Arabic,” she said."

"But a note from a passenger about suspicious movements of the imams got the crew’s attention. A copy of the passenger’s note appears in the police report."

"Another passenger, not the note writer, was an Arabic speaker sitting near two of the imams in the plane’s tail. That passenger pulled a flight attendant aside, and in a whisper, translated what the men were saying. They were invoking “bin Laden” and condemning America for “killing Saddam,” according to police reports."

"Hours later, when the passengers were being evacuated, the seat-belt extension was found on the floor near the imam’s seat, police reports confirm. The U.S. Airways spokeswoman Andrea Rader said she did not dispute the report, but said the airline’s internal investigation cannot yet account for the seat-belt extension request or its subsequent use.

A seat-belt extension can easily be used as a weapon, by wrapping the open-end of the belt around your fist and swinging the heavy metal buckle."

"Other factors were also considered: All six imams had boarded together, with the first-class passengers - even though only one of them had a first-class ticket."

"And, Pauline said, they spread out just like the 9-11 hijackers. Two sat in first, two in the middle, and two back in the economy section. Pauline’s account is confirmed by the police report. The airline spokeswoman added that some seemed to be sitting in seats not assigned to them." (My emphasis)

If we are too intimidated by CAIR and some blathering Imams (has anyone checked their credentials?) to connect the dots, then we are doomed to suffer another, devastating attack. Note, other Muslims were not targeted by the FBI and others...this was, is and will continue to be...a ploy to weaken our security...don't fall for it.

Additionally, I think you'll find that no charges will be brought against the Flying Imams;Tucson Chapter, and no action will be taken against the airlines. Note...the very fact that six "individuals" will have been able to cause such a disturbance that will result in no charges, means that the op was well planned and well orchestrated. Combine that with the fact that it was executed along a very fine line, to the point that no crime was likely committed, and you have to ask yourself...accident or op? Op.

Combine this with the new CAIR offensive against Dennis Prager for his opposition to allowing Keith Ellison to take his oath of office on a Koran vice a Bible. Read the whole article...Prager is not trying to make this a Christian/Muslim fight, but a principled fight on the use of the Bible for all ceremonial purposes (he is against Mormons likewise using the Book of Mormon for the same purposes). Again...CAIR is trying to make PR hay out of this in order to advance their "woe is us" campaign...all designed...again, to create gaps in our security as we go overboard in "respecting" Islam and Muslims.

Have the argument. Haggle about it. Come to a resolution. But rest assured, everytime CAIR goes off high order like this, it represents an intential over-blowing of the issue to gain more "sensitivity" to Muslims...a sensitivity to be plied in tactical operations against us in the future.

I will be satsified if we keep our guard up...I would rather not write an "I Told You So" piece in the future to those knee jerk liberals who side with anyone who is pushing against the government...whether they are in the right or not. Don't fall for this CAIR package...this was an op...treat it that way.

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