Thursday, December 07, 2006

lest we forget...


Sadly we stand there again, 65 years later to the day, at the frontier of chaos...

...back's turned.

Ironically, The USS Arizona's Sister Ship, The USS Pennsylvania survived the infamous attack. Although rarely mentioned in any reference to Pearl Harbor, 24 of her crew were killed, 14 were missing in action, and 38 wounded. She was one of the first to return fire that day at Pearl Harbor and survived to deliver incredible fire power on enemy positions for the next 4 years. Feared by the enemy, and bearing a sister's vengeance, she fired more rounds than any other ship in Naval history.

How proud do you feel now, Pennsylvania?... one of the first States to collapse and cower in this crisis. If fate has any justice, the Navy will change the name of this ship to the USS Santorum.

Have we forgotten?

Image courtesy of The Naval Historical Center.

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dueler88 said...

yes. we *have* forgotten.

Mr.Atos said...

Surely then, we are doomed for a replay. 9/11 just wasn't enough carnage for the children of the greatest generation. More will come. Back turned, eyes closed, gates open... sentries dejected. Chaos will pour through the breach into our towns, our streets, and our offices, homes and schools. And when the miserable atavists of Pennsylvania wonder why did the men of courage and character abandon them, they need point the finger of blame no further than at a mirror.
Such guns will never blaze again. I'd give 10,000 Pennsylvanians for 10 Texans any day.