Friday, March 02, 2007

The Lesson of Walter Reed...


By now, the story of Walter Reed Hopsital has achieved public infamy, much to the driveby media's delight, as they report near gleefully that,

....the bureaucratic red tape that bedevils wounded soldiers and their families had become standard operating procedure. When they first arrive at Walter Reed, wounded soldiers receive world-class medical care, but that is only the first step on a long road to recovery, adds Martin. After their wounds have been stabilized and they are out of immediate danger, they become outpatients, living in apartments provided by the Army or renting their own.

That's where they fall into limbo — or at the very least into the life of a low-ranking soldier coping with the intricacies and indifference of the Army's bureaucracy. At any given time, there are 55 soldiers being treated for their wounds in the hospital as well as 600 outpatients undergoing therapy or waiting for further surgery. The system clearly is not capable of handling that many outpatients and that is the system Weightman inherited when he took over.

Clearly the 'Driveby's' intend to clobber the administration with these recent revelations. But, this simply sounds to me like the condition of public healthcare that I experienced while living in Chicago, Illinois. And yet, the good, young (naive and quite incapable) Senator from that State attempts to deliver meaningful attention to the issue,

Responding to reports of deplorable conditions at Walter Reed, Illinois Sen. Barak Obama is introducing a bill to set higher standards, require outside inspection of Army hospitals, and let wounded vets cut through the nightmare of paperwork to get needed services, reports CBS News correspondent Bob Fuss. "The administration has not thought this through," said Obama. "They underestimated the costs and they continue to do so."

Nevertheless, politely ignoring the adequate Senator's inane suggestions, and his quite absurd accusations, I'd like to point to this condition as a sterling example of what America will get, with Nationalized Healthcare... compliments of Obama and/or Clinton. Because, if this is how the Federal healthcare bureaucracy treats America's 'Hero's,' imagine if you will, how it will treat your children... unwanted or otherwise.

Do you wish to choose?

Choose wisely!

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