Monday, March 05, 2007

Which Troops Does The Oregonian Support?...


This is how Portland's Oregonian elects to support the troops... running two-day old Taliban propaganda as the lead story, front page, Monday morning.

The story by AP reporter, Rahim Faiez, is headlined, "Afghans say Marines hit civilians."

Its curious, however, that you cannot find this story listed on their official website. A search for it yields this story,

Ambush on U.S. convoy leaves 16 dead
The suicide bomber hit the American convoy with an explosives-packed minivan, said Noor Agha Zawok, the spokesman for the governor of Nangarhar province, and militants then fired gunfire from several directions, the U.S. military said. Coalition forces returned fire in defense of the attack, the U.S. said.

It wasn't immediately clear if the Afghans were killed by the militants gunfire or that of the U.S. soldiers.

This is quite different form Faiez report that, "The Americans, fleeing a suicide bombing and militant ambush moments earlier, were in a panicked rush... their gunners fired indiscriminately along the busy road."

In the fog of war, with the details vague (or in this case not really), count on the Oregonian to choose their favored side in this conflict by nature of their presumptive reporting. Its clearly not OUR troops they support.


Anonymous said...

What does "different form Faiez report" mean?

Mr.Atos said...

In your post modern universe, why what ever you want it to mean, Chief! Don't ever let the obvious get in your way.