Sunday, April 01, 2007

Global Swarming: The Vultures of Darkness...


UPDATE 04.03.07
As if to blatantly prove my point, Belgium imposes a tax on fire!

Freed from obligation, Prometheus resigns! The Vultures turn to feed on Men.


In the Middle Ages, the Medieval or Dark Ages as it was called, from the 5th Century to the 16th Century, the Roman Catholic Church ushered control of vast populations of Men by manipulating the darkness of their ignorance and fear.

Now, in the dawn of the 2nd millenium, the Church of Environmentalism is trying to return Man to darkness, for the very same reason as before... control by fear and ignorance.

From today's Washington Post...

SYDNEY, March 31 -- The Sydney Opera House, dozens of skyscrapers and countless homes switched off their lights Saturday evening along with many other sites in Australia's largest city to register concern about global warming.

The arch of Sydney's other iconic structure, the Harbor Bridge, was also blacked out in the city of 4 million as part of the hour-long gesture, which organizers said they hoped would be adopted as an annual event around the world.

In her most famous novel, Ayn Rand propheted, "Prometheus... changed his mind. After centuries of being torn by vultures in payment for having brought to men the fire of the gods, he broke his chains—and he withdrew his fire—until the day when men withdraw their vultures.

In the twighlight of Western Civilization, as Men of the mind are made to withdraw, the vultures can be seen on the dark fringe of the opposite horizon...

... swarming!

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