Tuesday, May 08, 2007

How to Go and Get Yourself Killed

by dueler88

1. Get brainwashed by a hateful ideology
2. Get an AK-47
3. Do a little target practice
4. Videotape your practice sessions with the hopes of inspiring others and yourself
5. Take said videotape to a store to have it duped to DVD
6. Plan an attack on a local facility
7. Make sure the facility is populated by people who are not only trained in the use of automatic weapons, but who also are currently in possession of automatic weapons
8. Mix lack of judgment with a healthy dose of masculine bravado
9. Fake a pizza delivery to the facility and try to attack the gun-wielding guards at the main gate.

Imagine what could have happened if these rocket scientists had decided to attack, say, a college campus full of unarmed students. . .

So get ready for the lack of factual reporting: the MSM will do all it can to de-emphasize the attackers' religious beliefs (i.e. their prime motivation) by pushing the "Ethnic Albanian" theme as a replacement. Religion as a motivator for murder? Only if you're a serial killer or a fundamentalist Christian.

Then get ready for the spin, implicit or explicit: these guys wouldn't have planned the attack had we not illegally invaded the peaceful country of Iraq. Or was is Yugoslavia? Or was it Albania? Wait - the U.S. attacked the Serbs to save Muslim Albanians? Dang! Well, whatever - they're infidels: let's just kill 'em anyway.


Mr.Atos said...

Are we seeing an encroachment of shame into the ranks of Jihadi’s as the first and second waves have been killed. The third wave of believers doesn’t stomach killing innocent civilians… or at least see it as cowardice?

I seem to recall that after Leyte, several years of Kamikazee attacks depleted the Japanese Navy of its best, bravest, and most dedicated pilots and planes. By the end, old men and boys were taking off in paper biplanes. In Berlin similarly, they were being handed trench rifles and pushed in front of Soviet tanks. Are these in NJ men evidence of a similar gasping tug at depleted resources?

Perhaps. But, dare we imagine what type vermin slinks beneath the zealot, and even below the thug… and what are they capable of ?!

dueler88 said...

The kamikaze were dependent upon their technology in order to be effective. And bushido prevented them from specifically targeting civilians. For the Jihadi, however, easily-acquired materials and a twisted sense of "honor" not recognized by any civilized people make for a lethal mix that is not easily defeated. Their playbook doesn't say "kill the infidel *soldier*" - it simply says "kill the infidel."
There are too many reasons for a Jihadi to do what he/she wants to do to further their cause. Using the kamikaze as precedent, the most effective thing we can do against Jihadis is, essentially, to nullify or destroy their Faith. Surrender by the Japanese only became feasible after the Emperor commanded it.
The only way I can see a similar thing happening with Jihadis is for the 12th Imam to show up and call everything off. I won't hold my breath.