Friday, May 18, 2007

Politics of Personal Destruction 2007

Major Mike

The MSM was successful in securing Paul Wolfowitz's resignation from the World Bank today...after months of pursuing him on allegations of inappropriately leveraging his status to get his girlfriend a better job. Good work...pat yourselves on the back tonight at Happy Hour.

Then hide your heads in shame as you gave Sandy Berg(l)er a pass on his theft and destruction of critical 9/11 documents just prior to his important testimony before the 9/11 commission. Berger acquiesced yesterday, and agreed to the forfieture of his unused law license in part of an agreement that kept him from testifiying before a panel of lawyers about his actions. Big sacrifice, he hadn't used his law license in 15 years...that would be like me giving up a tennis racket.

And the MSM flunkies are congratulating themselves for righting the ethos of the World Bank...maybe they could go back and do a better job of investigating the UN's Oil for Food Program run by their poster child Kofi Annan. They could pat themselves even harder if they did that.

But they won't...he wasn't part of BushCo. And they don't have standards.


Mr.Atos said...

Amen Brother! And while we're at it, what about Congressman Jefferson, Senators Pelosi, Feinstein and Reid? I'd still like to know what Hillary Clinton was doing with crates of FBI files. Clearly The mainstream media has evolved beyond just bias. It has become a machine of Inquisition in the hands of destroyers without conscience on behalf of a faith without moral.

Anonymous said...

You're defending Paul Wolfowitz?

With his dual Israel-American citizenship?

Probable architect of 9/11?

Defacto architect of an illegal preemptive disasterous war in Iraq?

Corrupt as hell with conflicts of interest and caught arranging a raise and promotion for his girlfriend?

You defend the creep?

What is wrong with you? Why are you being such a whore?

I can't believe you're trying to twist this into a partisan issue. They're all corrupt. They're all controlled by Israel. MSM is owned by Israel.

Francisco said...

"It is not advisable, [Anonymous], to venture unsolicited opinions. You should spare yourself the embarrassing discovery of their exact value to your listener."

Mr.Atos said...

Interesting Mike... I didn't read a single word from you here in 'defense' of Wolfowitz. But, I do see the participation through negligent ommission by some, in the machine of Inquistion. Ignore the inconvenient 'truths' you see, and the nartrative you accept is the lie you paint in you own head with twisted bands of muted color and the blood of the innocent and guilty alike...

... but, just of those you despise.

It reminds you of my series on the Sturmabteilung, does it not?Perhaps its time for another installment... Visions of Die Sturm: The Progressive Pogrom. I'm getting plenty of material offered to me, it would seem.

dueler88 said...


Thanks for the valuable public service. I keep my eyes on the news pretty well and never would have known about Mr. Berger without the heads-up. The size of those blinders on the MSM is stunning.