Monday, January 31, 2005

Ink-Fingered Salute...


It might take as many as 10 days to determine the results of Iraq's election Sunday. Will Shiite Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Husseini al-Sistani prove the favorite, or will Interim Prime Minister Ayad Allawi's slate prevail? A little more time will tell. History will unfold with more, where a comprehensive notion of victory will ultimately be defined. But, it is clear who is the big loser today. The Western Liberal Press and its related pundits and fringe radicals who positioned themselves with endless stories, broadcasts, interviews and protests against democracy and in favor of a brutal 'insurgency.'

In the wake of the elections,
Roger L. Simon calls for an end to the deceptive semantics that represent "...a conscious/unconscious attempt to cloak a rag-tag amalgamation of fascists, jihadists and common criminals in the romantic mantle of Pancho Villa." I whole-heartedly agree. Perhaps it is time that the Old Busted Media finally acknowledge their position on the wrong side of history before floating off into a sea of permanent irrelevancy. In addition, they might stop the endless denigration of the Coalition's efforts and President Bush's intentions. They might stop saying 'I support the troops' and actually support the effort to which those troops are devoted with their volition and their lives. Might we at last acknowledge that Oil is not the treasure of endeavor in Iraq?... that blood is being spilled in small yet precious part to keep it from flowing in gallons like paint for a surrealist's history of terrorist oppression?

The reality of
Media Bias is there for introspection, would that they choose to acknowledge it. (Hat Tip Glenn Reynolds)

Hugh Hewitt notes: "Those who churlishly denigrate today's vote really do identify themselves as blind ideologues of the worst sort." Absolutely!

Did we win? To that question,
Belmont Club provides the most appropriate answer: "And did we win? Who knows? But many Iraqis think they did." Indeed they did. Yesterday was a great day for Iraq and for Western Civilization. It was sorely needed. And if the Old Busted Media maintain their tenor, it will certainly be shortlived.

The Headline of this morning's Portland Oregonian reads,
"We Broke a Barrier of Fear!" Sally Buzbee banners her lead story with that quote from one election official, Mijm Towirish, recognizing the spirit and bravery of his people and their overwhelming desire for liberty. Yet even as the paper tries to link itself to this historic event, and before she even gets to the quote, Buzbee cannot resist casting the paper's typical shadow of doubt on the entire endeavor.

"But some polling stations in the minority Sunni heartland appeared largely deserted or didn't open at all. A low Sunni turnout could undermine the credibility of the new leadership to emerge from the vote." She goes on after to report, "... But for the country's minority Sunni Arabs, who held a privileged position under Saddam Hussein, the day was not as welcome. No more than 400 people voted in Saddam's hometown of Tikrit. In the heavily Sunni northern Baghdad neighborhood of Azamiyah, where Saddam made his last known public appearance in early April 2003, the four polling places never opened.
In other words, despite the 'voice of freedom' emanating from the Middle East, Theres' hope yet, seems to be the thinking of Buzbee and her colleagues. Make no mistake. The free people of Iraq 'broke a barrier' yesterday. They transcended the fear of condescension and ridicule by voting abroad. And they penetrated the fear of murder by voting at home in Iraq. That barrier of fear was created by thugs and butchers opposed to liberty, sadly aided in no small part by publications like the Oregonian. So, before you folks over in the press room go patting yourselves on the back, take a good long look at Iraqis' inky fickle finger of perseverance. (HT. Instapundit) Its being flipped at you.

UPDATE: 01.31.05:15:25
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