Monday, June 27, 2005

Men Behind The Curtain...


Over at Belmont Club, wretchard has posted a sobering commentary on the man behind the efforts to pressure the closing of the U.S. Military's Guantanamo prison facility in Cuba. The relationships are both overt and disturbing. The focus is on Michael Ratner, President of the Center for Constitutional Rights and co-author, with political journalist Ellen Ray, of the forthcoming book Guantánamo: What The World Should Know. Indeed, what the world should know can be revealed by a look behind the curtain of indignation surrounding the Left's continual efforts to undermine America's struggle against Islamic Fascism..

Wretchard cites a Frontpage Magazine article by Rocco DiPippi from June 16th that looks closely at this salacious attorney who is leading the way in recruiting elite lawyers to defend the enemy combatants being interrogated at Gitmo.
But Ratner is a long-time leader of two pro-Communist and anti-American organizations who have for decades have lent aid and comfort to America's enemies in the Cold War and beyond. Michael Ratner is a lawyer who began his legal career in the late 1960s at the National Lawyers Guild, a Soviet created front group which still embraces its Communist heritage. He worked his way up through the NLG’s radical ranks to become its president, then moved on to hold the same position at the Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR), which share's the NLG's anti-American radicalism and was founded by pro-Castro lawyers Arthur Kinoy and William Kunstler. Among its many outrages, the CCR has defended domestic and international terrorists, and has honored Ratner's NLG colleague and convicte terrorist enabler Lynne Stewart, a modern Legal Left idol. Since 9/11, Ratner and his comrades have attempted to extend undeserved “civil rights” on Islamist murderers with notable success. On this front, Ratner and the Legal Left have dealt America its few setbacks in the War on Terror.

Enter stage Left another familiar world Socialist,
The George Soros-funded Open Society Institute, the Tides Foundation, and other leftist support groups began heavily funding Ratner and CCR’s anti-Bush, antiwar, anti-American agendas.

Among other affiliates of Ratner, wretchard points to the New People's Army of the Phillipines and its leader, Jose Maria Sison". Jose Maria Sison, as noted in his post, is also the leader of the Communist Party of the Philippines. Ratner has signed petitions of support for this man and his murderous organization. It is not the first time Michael Ratner has found himself among questionable company in the global struggle between Democracy and Collectivism, as DiPippi further notes.
Ratner’s odd view of “justice” stems from his decades in service to the radical cause. Ratner’s pro-Communist, pro-terrorist views are perhaps best illustrated by his affinity for Cuba’s totalitarian regime and by his love of the man who set up Castro’s KGB-inspired prison system, Ché Guevara. Guevara – who was known for taping his victims’ mouths shut to avoid hearing their screams as he tortured and murdered his way through Cuba – is, despite his real life incompetence, a hero of mythical proportions to the Left. Ratner chose to sing Che’s praises in a1997 book:

…for many of us seeking to change our society, Cuba was a desirable model. And it was Ché Guevara, more than any other figure, who embodied both that revolution and solidarity with peoples fighting to be free from U.S. hegemony…Ché has remained my hero ever since.

Last week, Karl Rove was excoriated by the Left and Democrats in Congress for noting that,"liberals saw the savagery of the 9/11 attacks and wanted to prepare indictments and offer therapy and understanding for our attackers.'' As I said then, actually, Rove's only error is in his use of the term indictment. The Left is, in fact, preparing the enemy's legal defense. The actual indictment Communists and Socialists like Ratner and Soros have prepared and funded since the 9/11 attacks and prior to the next major enemy attack on this nation... is an indictment of the United States of America itself.

The old 'Cold War' with the Soviets may be over. But, the same kind of men are still behind the curtain organizing America's destruction.

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