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What Is Being Left - v.3.0...


This week the concentration of filth continues. Last month, the
Old Busted Media nearly tripped over one another to report the so-called 'tongue lashing' that British Parliamentarian, George Galloway delivered to a US Senate Sub-Committee investigating the criminal U.N. Oil For Food Scandal. The Washington Post noted his use of "fiery rhetoric and clever phrases," as he called upon the talking points of American Democrats and Islamic fascists alike denouncing his inquisitors as, "a group of Christian fundamentalist and Zionist activists." The Fringe Left cheered his insolence in the face of the freshman Senate pitbull from Minnesota, Norm Coleman. In his unorthodox defense, Mr. Galloway chanted the Moore-ish scripts that the Senators were attempting to "divert attention from the crimes [the U.S.] supported" in Iraq. According to the Washington Post, Galloway denounced the prewar sanctions, the U.S. occupation, President Bush and Halliburton, but never directly answered the charges made against him in the subcommittee's report.

His obstinance notwithstanding, Galloway stands accused of profiting - like many international grifters - from decades of insidious corruption pioneered by Kofi Annan's UN mafia, described by Claudia Rosett of Opinion Journal quite appropriately as follows:

"... a corrupt and craven crew... who hid the rebuilding of Saddam's resources, who preferred to give Saddam an 18th chance. It is important to understand that while the U.N.-approved investigation into Oil for Food, led by Paul Volcker, has focused narrowly on questions of whether anyone administering the program violated U.N. procedure, the deeper horror was the assurance of the U.N. that all was well--while Saddam skimmed billions and used some of that to buy weapons and restock the war chest that certainly helped fund his military in 2003, and is very likely funding terror in Iraq today. Federal prosecutors have mentioned two unnamed high-ranking UN officials alleged to have taken bribes from Saddam; this is a matter not only of venal and corrupt behavior among those entrusted with serving the public good, but of U.N. officials with blood on their hands."

Indeed the U.N. and Annan have blood on there hands as do Leftist grifters like George Galloway... the current champion of Western Leftists.

Despite his brazen self-righteous mulishness in the face of the American Senate, in a recent interview on the campus of the University of Dhaka, Mr. Galloway called for global unity between Islamisists and forces of the world Left.

"Not only do I think it's possible but I think it is vitally necessary and I think it is happening already. It is possible because the progressive movement around the world and the Muslims have the same enemies. Their enemies are the Zionist occupation, American occupation, British occupation of poor countries mainly Muslim countries. They have the same interest in opposing savage capitalist globalization which is intent upon homogenizing the entire world turning us basically into factory chickens which can be forced fed the American diet of everything from food to Coca-Cola to movies and TV culture. And whose only role in life is to consume the things produced endlessly by the multinational corporations. And the progressive organizations & movements agree on that with the Muslims."

One wonders if Spain's Socialist President Jose Zapotero agrees on that issue with Galloway and his Muslim Fascist allies? Was the price of Zapotero's position worth the blood of a few hundred of his countrymen spilled on behalf of the Left's 'Galloway Doctrine?'

In his FrontPageMag article, Vindication: There Is An Unholy Alliance, David Horowitz puts the issue into razor sharp perspective:

"Last fall I published a book called Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left, which argued that the progressive left in the West was in a de facto alliance with the Islamic jihadists, an alliance that developed out of the left's support for the genocidal campaign of Palestinian jihadists against the Jews, and its global assault on the world capitalist system called "anti-globalization."

"...All this information is readily available and consciously ignored by the Times and other fellow-traveling media of the "progressive" left; this leaves the impression that the unholy alliance we have described in detail is somehow a figment of our imagination. No one actually reading these profiles could reasonably come to such a conclusion, but we are aware that laziness is an unappreciated factor in human affairs. So it was a welcome email I received from a friend the other day containing an Iraq News Network interview with British Laborite, progressive, Saddam ally and hero of such letwing websites as and, which should settle once and for all whether there are large numbers of pro-terrorist leftists out there who consciously think of alliance with the jihadists."

What is being Left embraces the belief that their ends justify any means. Sadly we've seen this before. And other champions of the Left made those atrocities both possible and practical.

And the Left's allies in Iraq continue to give them the carnage that they require in service of their ends.

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UPDATE: 06.03.05:08.29

Yes, Filth! I chose the word quite deliberately. A movement, culture, or person is filthy when it slathers itself with septic ideas. The result of such poisoning, is purefaction and rot. It is exactly what is happening to the ideology of the Left... and those who choose to remain affiliated with it are just as rotten. This for instance, is the stench of filth. 'Syndrome' was at it again. (HT: AnkleBitingPundits) DNC Chairman Howard Dean, speaking at the Democrat's Take Back America 2005: The Conference For America's Future on Thursday, levelled a blanket denigration of Republican voters...

"You think people can work all day and then pick up their kids at child care or wherever and get home and still manage to sandwich in an eight-hour vote? Well Republicans, I guess can do that. Because a lot of them have never made an honest living in their lives. "

Need I remind anyone that this man was a popular Presidential Candidate in the 2004 Election Campaign? This man intended to represent the Nation as its chief executive. He was the Governor of Vermont, and he was selected overwhelmingly by his party to represent them as their party chairman. I didn't have to be at the rally to know that he recieved the roar of approving applause for that divisive, hyperbolic and vitriolic statement. Nor do I need to read or hear anymore from Mr. Dean to recognize a profound similarity between he and George Galloway. No doubt, Dean too supports the 'Galloway Doctrine'... as then does the American Democrat Party by representative proxy. It might be a question worth asking, both of him and of yourself if you are a Democrat. Because what is being Left does not value amicability, and solidarity. What is being Left manipulates divisions, thrives on derision, and perpetuates bigotry, fear, and anger to cultivate political power via civil destruction.

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