Friday, June 24, 2005

What Is Being Left - v.6.0...

Mr. Atos

Chronicling the concentration of the filth that is what is being Left in the aftermath of the collapse into absolute insanity of modern liberalism, has become an effort of thoughtful consideration. You see, in order that I not come across seeming as rhetorically hyperbolic and unbalanced as they, I dare not relay the raw content of their statements and actions. To the uninformed, unfamiliar with what is being Left (ostensibly because they rely on the Old Busted Media for information) I run the risk of sounding 'unhinged' myself. But,
just review some of the dialog that one finds when one goes "dumpster diving in the fever swamps" of the Left, as Okieboy so rightly puts it over at Okie on the Lam.

But, the juvenile ranting from the mudbanks is far less concerning than the howling coming from the trees. Senator Dick Durbin was merely the most recent example of the concentration of the Leftist fringe among the Democrat party.
His recent condemnation of the U.S. Military as being among the most evil regimes that has ever existed on this Earth, reflected an honest assessment of the sensibilities of what is being Left. Apologies could not be made, because what he said represents the reality of what is being Left. Durbin did not make that obscene accusation to be deliberately controversial. He meant it. His subsequent failure on two occcasions to effect a meaningful retraction of his obscenity illustrates the inability of the Left to comprehend why the majority of this nation (both Democrat and Republican) found it to be so profoundly offensive.

Ted Kennedy yesterday, offered another glimpse of the septic character of what is being Left. His stench has been there all along. Radioblogger has posted transcripts of his statements on the floor of the Senate Thursday as he declared defeat in Iraq, denigrated the efforts of the U.S. Military, overlooked their success, expunged their sacrifices, demonized their leadership and command, fabricated facts, misrepresented information, professed conjecture as intelligence, hurled insult, and offered blanket demoralization from the highest reaches of the American establishment regarding a war against the malevolence that butchered some 3000 of our citizens on our soil on a quiet Tuesday in September of 2001. Ted Kennedy did all of this while inviting the insurgency in Iraq to provide him with a concerto of violence against Iraqi's and Americans alike. Well they did just what Senator Kennedy requested of his surrogates. They delivered carnage this morning to help him punctuate his message of defeat and withdrawal.

What is being Left in Congress has stepped up its attacks of the President, the Administration, Military Leadership, and the Troops themselves in the last few months. Coincidentally so has the insurgency. AP is reporting, convienently, Iraq Car Bombings Kill 580 Since April.

Does it ever occur to leaders like Congressman Durbin and Kennedy, Byrd and Pelosi, Kerry and Clinton, Schumer and Biden that the reason the insurgency is as strong as it ever has been, that the car bomb and suicide attacks happen with greater frequency, that suicidal zealots keep pouring across the Iranian and Syrian borders, that U.S. recruitment is down, that public opinion is low, that Troop morale is waning, that International support is diminishing, that the reconstruction in Iraq is so difficult, the reason that there are fewer Iraqi forces than expected, the reason that Iraqi's are being slaughtered by the thousands, and peace has not yet been established...

... is because they continue to encourage the carnage? Either way they are truly guilty of one of the greatest atrocities in history; out of sheer stupidity or actual malice. Because what is being Left has been filling the killing fields of humanity for centuries to afford them their lust for power and prestige. And whether Kennedy and his cohorts are participating by proxy, or with clear intent, what is being Left clearly needs the blood of the innocent and the valorous alike to paint for them the mirage of their congential kleptocracy.

Over at Froggy Ruminations, Matt is clearly no fan of the closest thing the U.S. Senate has to Baron Harkonnen.
Kennedy himself and his liberal colleagues in Congress are waging an ill advised war against the United States that is most certainly a quagmire. The DNC is dying. Ted Kennedy is a deadender. He is a suicide bomber but his munitions are low order detonations that destroy the bearer and leave only a mess for bystanders to gawk at.

Congratulations again, Matt on the extension of an honorable lineage!

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