Thursday, January 06, 2005

Son of 'Blog' Flog...


Duane over at
RadioBlogger is currently running a banner competition flogging Hugh Hewitt's latest book, Blog. (See our previous flog) So here is my 2 or 3 cent contribution as I wait patiently for Amazon to forward my copy this automatic bestseller.

Lileks should love this adaptation of some rare Chris Ware material from an early graphic novel, Floyd Farland: Citizen of the Future. I apparently went to school with Chris at the University of Texas in the late 80's where this epic novel graced the funny pages of the Daily Texan before emerging as a compilation and novel shortly thereafter. I have been told that I posess one of the few remaining copies.

But this post is not about Mr. Ware's books, but rather that of Mr. Hewitt, who we affectionately refer to here as 'The Hammer' for his Thor-like propensity for bludgeoning the Left with logic, reason, intelligence and thoughtful passion - all of which seem to be in moratorium from their sensibilities these days.

In absense of Sandmen feedback, review the reviews. Then, get it read it, share it... and do it. Read Blog! Feel Blog! Do Blog! Be Blog!

It is
Blog! Never forget that.

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