Friday, January 07, 2005

Boxer in Brief...


It worked in one Washington, why NOT the other. Several Democrat Legislators have officially challenged the election results from the State of Ohio. Senator Barbara Boxer (D-California), and Representatives John Conyers (D-Michigan) and Stephanie Tubbs Jones (D-Ohio) are the most notable Congressional figures contesting the Constitutionally mandated certification of the 2004 Presidential election. President Bush captured re-election with 51% of the nation's popular vote to Kerry's 48%, supported by 286 Electoral votes; including Ohio's 20 that are at issue with some fringe Left individuals and organizations. Bush took Ohio by 50.96% to Kerry's 48.57%, with a margin of victory of some 118,000 votes (election results provided by from
Real Clear Politics).

Since November 3rd groups like the Anarchist organization known as Indymedia, and neo-Marxist, Anti-American groups like ANSWER have spearheaded a campaign to reap what they have sown... chaos. This fringe effort to subvert the nation's free election system, heretofore abhorent to Democrat and Republican citizens alike, has been afforded virtual legitimacy by recognition of California's junior Senator. Nevermind Conyers whose lunacy and corruption is well documented, and the insignificant Jones. Boxer, certain never to be recognized by history's annals of notable American Statesman (or women if she prefer to fail there too), will however provide high-profile flame to fuse for the scandal-monger partisans of the Old Busted Media sure to let it blow sky high. Like the IED's of mideast fascist butchers, Boxer's devices will not further her cause nor that of her anarchist fan club. It will, in fact, destroy what little respect and legacy she still maintains by virtue of being associated with one of the most significant bodies of free goverance in human history. Yet, she along with her colleagues in the House, will likewise inflict collateral damage on that institution and further undermine the strength and integrity of the foundations of the Republic. Her dubious allies get the added benefit of gaining one step closer to their blatant goal of statist transformation.

Were that Boxer were addressing a legitimate concern involving election malfeasance to which we all are in tune, one might appreciate her tenor - even while ridiculing her reverential absurdity. In fact, there are very serious concerns across America about the delegitimizing of U.S. elections by deliberate and often institutionalized corruption. Interestingly enough, Mrs. Boxer ignors all of them in favor of curiousities in the one State that 'officially' decided the election by a profound numerical margin relative to other swing States. Wisconsin for instance recorded a victory in favor of Kerry by 13,646 votes (49.79% to 49.33%). Boxer is not concerned with it, ostensibly because the outcome favored her party. Likewise States like New Hampshire (50.36% to 48.98%, 9309 vote margin), Minnesota(51.07% to 47.62%, 97,512 vote margin) and even Oregon (51.25% to 47.32%, 67,495 vote margin) all had tight margins closer than Ohio, yet favored the Democrat Candidate. Michigan was similar to Ohio (51.10% to 47.94%, 151,891 vote margin), yet maintained a lead for Kerry. On those instances, Mrs. Boxer is conveniently silent. Then there is the State of Washington where the margins in the Presidential race were acceptable to the Left, yet yielded a narrow victory for the Republican Gubernatorial Candidate, Dino Rossi. Subsequent recounts maintained the victory until a final recount including 'new' ballots shifted a razor victory in favor of the Democrat Candidate. The recounts suddenly ended as did Democrat curiosity in the matter, and that election was quickly certified in their favor. Mrs. Boxer never mentioned it, even as further investigation is yielding a strong trail of corruption in the form of
ballot stuffing on the part of Democrats. Clearly her selective concern is equally suspicious.

Senator Boxer argued for 'electoral justice' in her opposition Thursday, stating that the government must guarantee that every 'registered' voter participating in an election counts and should be counted. And yet 'registered' voters are being systematically disenfranchised by the non-registered, illegitimate, illegal, and undocumented, votes that Democrat lawyers litigate into the results. In Washington State and elsewhere, from the local to federal election, the will of the people is actually being subverted by thousands of unaccountable ballots that have been injected by judicial mandate into tallys that have altered the results; thereby nullifying all the voters in that particular election, regardless of their preference or party. In Washington State alone, Millions of voters have been disenfranchised by a few hundred mystery votes that overturned the election. The people did not choose their governor. The manufacturer of those particular Democrat ballots did. For Boxer and her associates, those are the votes that 'count.' Sadly for them, they simply couldn't manufacture enough to disenfranchise Ohio voters and likewise the nation as a whole.

Trimmed to the kook fringe, The Democrat party has abandoned the American base in favor of a quasi-European world body intent on dissolving American influence from a globalized civilization crystallizing around the fuedal principles of collective subjugation. They call it 'democratization' with a perverse connotation of a universal equality of outcome that can only be maintained through strict uniformity and compulsion. Senator Clinton, yesterday, went so far as to refer to voters as 'peasants' on the floor of the Senate, implying that she was their feudal Lord to be headed without question. What arrogance must exist within the ranks of the modern incarnation of the Democrat Party to believe that after 229 years, Americans will gladly return to living 'by the leave' of another institution of annointed masters... the Left's aristocracy of benevolent ignorance. But that would appear to be the goal of the Party as they imbrace yet another effort to undermine the will, power and sovereignty of individual Americans; the voters.

Boxer's presence in American history may be brief. Her career has been anything but notable. For the present, she remains a fixture for the likes of her Congressional nobility and their fringe Left legion to tune the powerful force of California's influence. But, that connection is weaker today, as Republicans and Democrats alike are witness to the motives and agenda of a body of representation that promises to disenfranchise the nation as a whole from its proud heritage, its history, and its legacy. And as infuriating as her parading stupidity may have been, Boxer's Folly ensures the reign of progressive condescension will likewise be just as brief.

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