Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Ace In The Hole...


The Mainstream Media starts off the year in a blaze of glory playing their Ace In The Hole in the usual manner.

From CNS News this morning, Trapped Miners Alive! Wait, Not So…

The only thing worse than learning that most of the trapped West Virginia miners were dead was first believing that they were alive. It happened late last night in Tallmansville, West Virginia, forcing a heartbroken Gov. Joe Manchin on Wednesday to tell reporters that no one had intentionally spread the false rumor. He called it a miscommunication.

Michelle Malkin has links.

Recall 2005 Hurricane coverage? Here we go again. The katrinafication of information continues into 2006.

Its going to be an interesting year.

Update by dueler88

This reminds me of an old saying I heard from a building contractor friend:

You can have it good & fast, good & cheap, or cheap & fast, but never good, cheap & fast.

I wonder: do we, as a society, have the patience to demand news accuracy at the cost of speed?

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