Wednesday, January 25, 2006

What Is Being Left - Bolshevik Redux...

Mr. Atos

In his usual sobering manner,
wretchard highlights a growing concern that I too noted some time back when inspired to begin this series. There is a malevolent vein to a fulminating trend in the manner of political discourse that echos the thunder from previous storms of modern history when violence displaced debate as the chosen mechanism for persuasion among Men.

Certainly a careful scrutiny of imagery from a montage he links through
Zombietime (hat tip: Little Green Footballs) for coverage of an anti-abortion march and the counterdemonstration which met it in San Francisco, conveys my concerns. If not, then indulge a cursory review of the homepage of the World Can't Wait Organization and ask yourself by what means do these self-proclaimed Communists and their celebrity supporters (Susan Sarandon, Sean Penn, Harry Belafonte, Kurt Vonnegut, Ed Asner Jessica Lange, Jane Fonda, Gore Vidal, Martin Sheen, to name a few) intend to achieve their goals in absense of majority support (ie. electoral victory)?! The term 'coup' comes to mind, which in itself implies coercion and subjugation at the hands of a tyrannical minority for the confiscation of political power... by force.

Do keep in mind that the very same World Can't Wait Organization who intend to overthrow the legitimately twice elected Executive Branch of the United States of America by force, were primary participants in force at the very same rally where the aforemention statements were publicly displayed. Keeping in mind that free speech is a fundamental inalienable right guaranteed by fact of existence, notably identified by the same Constitution enjoyed by intransigent Communists and unconscionable Anarchists alike even as they intentionally deconstruct it, it is fair to share the discourse offered by these participants in the debate. Even if the photos of them do not convey the story acutely enough, then the banners they brandish will definitely fill the gaps in understanding what is being Left. I have provided the most notable below, with my own additional clarifications.

"Keep your laws off my body and I'll keep my hands off your throat!" And how long until that sentiment lends itself to the degenerated corollary "Obey my desires and I won't kill you."

"Stop Breeding." ...
and we'll keep our hands off your throat! ... and your childrens' throats.

"Women's liberation through Socialist Revolution!" Modernize liberty with 90 year old bromides... that all failed miserably.

"Every child a wanted child." Hmmm... wanted by whom? Or rather, NOT wanted by whom. It sort of goes along with the threat to "Stop Breeding" does it not?

"Free abortion on demand!" And under Socialist doctrine of collective responsibility, might not the demand be the Village's edict.

"Many more must die!"
A stand alone, I submit.

Here are two more of those...

"Abort more Christians!" as in 'We will certainly...' and

"Kill your kids, motherf&*#r!" Are we getting a picture? If its still fuzzy, this should complete the vulgar image of the overall intent of what is being Left...

"Human loss of life is necessary!"

Aren't you just dying to ask the follow-up questions, ' for what purpose?' ... and 'for whom?' Your loss might be judged necessary by this bunch if you do. Because the Village that it takes to nurture what is being Left is damned by a guttural hatred of humanity and looks more like Solzhenitsyn's Archipeligo than the fable of Potemkin.

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Major Mike said...

Mr. A...outstanding post. Interesting that they cannot tolerate the loss of life amongst soldiers who volunteer to fight against terrorists, and who along the way fight for freedom, but they advocate the wonton slaughter of innocents, and the death of those whom they disagree with...what could more match the legacy of Communism as we have witnessed it...opression, denial of all individual rights, and death. Nice post.

Mr.Atos said...

Yeah you noticed that, too?

It seems that Hypocrisy is a handbasket on the river Denial which is a tributary of the Styx flowing straight to Hell.

Thanks, My friend.

olga said...

just a side note: during the Soviet Era, abortion was either illegal or extremely frowned upon in Russia and as a result, it was intentionally turned into a real butchery even if a woman had one in the hospital...Lack of any kind of contraception in the Soviet Russia explains somewhat a necessity of abortion. However, in the US with so many and different contraceptives available, abortion on demand is really shameful. And I am not even going into moral issues.