Friday, January 13, 2006

Shotgun Friday: Alito Hearing Thoughts

Major Mike

Seems that Alito gets solid support from those who have worked with him, and he gets hit with the Dem's playbook by the rest of the panel witnesses. Who is trying to politicize the courts...Alito or these special interest shillers?

Chemerinsky and Tribe have seriously damaged their value as professors of the law and opiners on important apolitical matters. Chemerinsky and Tribe made it clear that their agenda was anti-Bush, and because of their statements today...they believe that the SCOTUS seats AREpolitical footballs to be determined by political agenda...not to be filled with qualified and dedicated jurists who only have the best interest of the law in mind. Obviously, given the opportunity, they would sell the Contistution out for some short term political gains. Shameful.

Kennedy...bloated bloviator, hideous hypocrite, slimey slimer, inane idiot.

Republicans need to quit playing nice. The Dems politicized the Bork and Thomas nominations, and the Republicans basically gave Ginsberg a pass. For that, they got slander, sliming, and personal attacks on highly qualified, subsequent Republican nominated SCOTUS candidates. There is no payoff for cooperating with the Dems. Quit palying nice...they are playing hardball everyday...we need to match them pitch for pitch. Don't delay the vote...ram it down their throats. If they filibuster, use the Constitutional option within minutes. Send a message everyday...they do.

Why is it since O'Connor went a bit left, that the left is trying to match ideology with a specific seat on the court? This seems a new phenomenom tied only to the dramatic decline in the political successes of the left since the mid-90s. It is obvious that the left's last refuge is the activist nature of many judges, and thier hope to get them into important judgeships.

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