Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ya Think????!!!!

Major Mike

Rich Lowry has a great piece out today that follows up on a piece he did last March, boys are different than girls and they are suffering from the last thirty years of the feminist movement.

"It is to be hoped that the crisis establishes a simple truth that is astonishing anyone ever forgot -- boys and girls are different. Or as Newsweek puts it, "Boys are biologically, developmentally and psychologically different from girls -- and teachers need to learn how to bring out the best in every one."
DUHHH. My sarcasm is not directed at him, because he has the courage to bring this to light, but at the feminists who have caused this to happen with their 30 years of male neutering and incessant gender-bendering...are you certain boys are different than girls?

In their efforts to level the adult playing field, males in general, and boys in particular have been the main targets for the sissyifcation of the male species. The strategy has been to slowly compromise the maleness of the gender, producing, not boys, but as Newsweek puts it "defective girls." This has predominately been done by diminishing the role of the male adult as an important paternal influence, but has been exacerbated over the past many years through same sex adoptions, convoluted arguments supporting parenting without both parents, and in many cases just poor fathering.

But certainly, the feminizing of boys has been the major driver to our current situation. Forced coed youth sports have infringed on the great bastions of boyhood, and when manipulated by feminists moms, have watered down opportunities for boys to interact with, compete against, and thrive with other boys...as boys. Birthday parties and play dates are replete with coed activities, few involving traditionally boy activities. Where do the single gender opportunities lie for boys to act like, and be boys, without being criticism from mis-guided gender-neutral, do-gooders?

The ramifications should have been predictable...square pegs do not fit in round holes, and if they are forced to, they become misshapen and unusable in their designed spot. Holds true for boys...believe it...no feminist jargon can change that. We have hurt our youth by over-compensating for inequities that occur in the adult world, through gender neutral instruction, activities, and goal setting. We have diminished the natural drive of boys by making them be "defective girls." The results (Lowry)...

"That's what has been happening for years. Feminists have wanted to believe that, given the right socialization, boys would give up their stubborn fascinationwith earth-moving equipment. As someone once said, "You can have your own opinion, but you can't have your facts." Similarly, you can have your opinion about what gender should be, but you can't have your own brain chemistry. Newsweek notes how in the womb, the brain of a male fetus is bathed with testosterone.

As any parent knows, that makes him different from a girl. If pedagogy systematically ignores those differences, it will be a disaster. Newsweek recounts the indices: Boys are twice as likely to be diagnosed with learning disabilities than girls in elementary school; the number of boys professing a dislike of school has risen 71 percent from 1980 to 2001; men constitute 44 percent of undergraduates on college campuses, down from 58 percent 30 years ago."

The interactions of boys and girls, men and women, need to exist in their natural state to the greatest extent possible. We are doing a great disservice to our youth if we insist on a "single formula" for learning, a formula by the way, skewed by years of the feminist search for "equality." This "equality" is reflected in the mind boggling numbers above. Where is the equality for the boys who have lost their motivation and drive by being funneled through the Barbie driven world of elementary and secondary education? We are doing our youth a disservice if we do not do make every effort to accommodate the biological dichotomies that drive the differences in learning capacities. By evolving our educational methodologies to meet the variance in gender learning, we level the playing field where it should be leveled...at the basic educational opportunity...not via gender neutralization.

To the greatest extent possible, we should celebrate the differences between our genders, and accommodate the varied needs of each, but it is time we stop the social experimentation on our youth, skewed by our adult prejudices...let boys be boys, and girls be girls. Let's make sure there is room for those who choose different paths as adults, but don't force our male children to be the water boys for the feminist movement...it comes at a high price.

Full disclosure...I have a fourteen year old daughter.


dueler88 said...


I began to explore this subject in my post last July entitled Bear Necessities. It is not simply that our culture is turning boys into “defective girls,” but that we have been gradually devaluing what are traditionally “male” characteristics since the 1960’s.

I fear that this not only damages our society in terms of family and gender relations, but also in our viability as a culture in general – and, as a result, our ability to defend ourselves. We have faced threats to our existence several times before (The War for Independence, the Civil War and WWII), just as we do now in Militant Islam. And just as in the past, our survival will depend *not* on our ability to Oprah-fy the threat, but on our ability to skillfully and effectively ACT to destroy the enemy’s capacity to harm us. Such ability depends on the male side of our culture.

Mr.Atos said...

Consider for a moment, this was afterall the intent! Like many aspects of 'liberalism' perverted by the degeneracy of the 60's generation, gender neutralization was a concerted effort to disarm Western Civilization. Note the current insanity that plagues the movement and superimpose it on the motives of previous generations (and thier contemporary champions). Their focus was Vietnam and a (perceived) militaristic fraternal order of Imperial fascism. How better to undermine the (again, perceived) threat than to emasculate future generations of 'crusaders.' They attacked our schools and our institutions, our music, and movies, the faculty and administration. They infected the judiciary and public institutions. And their singular goal was directed at destroying Man. The bitches of humanist filth infected our boys and crushed their spirit and killed them by the tens of thousands to suicide, misery, and confusion....

...and that, was in fact, their goal.