Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Oregon Politicrats Don't Get It

Major Mike

Beaverton Mayor Bob Drake once again proves how Oregon’s many governmental layers don’t get business, and that they don’t get how to get along with the businesses that provide sustenance to their communities.

Bob Drake would deprive, Nike Co-founder and CEO, Phil Knight of his constitutionally guaranteed right to provide campaign contributions to the candidate of his choice.

Mayor Rob Drake says Knight's backing of political newcomer Bob Burke -- with $17,500 cash from Knight's own pocket -- amounts to interfering in city business just to get revenge on its leaders.
"I think people should be disgusted that Phil Knight is trying to buy an election," said Drake, who supports incumbent Betty Bode. "They seem to want to reach inside the city and influence an election

As a private citizen, Knight is entitled to contribute, without criticism to the political candidates he thinks will represent his interests better…that is what we all do. His Honorable Mr. Mayor seems unaware that this has been part of politics for over 229 years.

Further more, to imply that Knight is out of bounds with his contribution by using the inflammatory words like “disgusting” and “buy an election,” does little to improve the tense relationship these two entities currently enjoy. Knight is rightfully incensed that the City of Beaverton secretly initiated plans to annex the Nike World Headquarters, then lied about these efforts to Nike when asked. The City of Beaverton and Drake have lied to the public on many occasions regarding the details of the annexation, and they have stonewalled Nike’s effort in court, by refusing to be responsive to numerous court orders.

Drake is also completely out of line, by suggesting to Knight where his money could be better spent…the Beaverton School District’s bond campaign. Knight’s personal finances are his own business, and Drake’s cheesy attempt to cast Knight as the bad guy, by implying that Knight is doing a disservice by exercising his rights in the direction of his choosing, and not Drake’s, is beyond the pale. Drake should be reminded that hundreds of Nike employees live within the boundaries of the Beaverton School District, and many are likely volunteering during the campaign. If Drake insists on creating divides, his unintended target may, in the end, be the Beaverton School District.

It seems that Drake is the one who does not completely understand how our political system works. People give their money where they want to, not where Drake or other politicos direct it.

Besides petty issues like this, Oregon continues to foster a business unfriendly climate with its efforts to retain corporate overpayments into the State’s income tax coffers. These excessive payments are now the target of the State pols who are scheming to retain these extra dollars…oh, did I forget to mention…contrary to existing state statutes.

Each and every time Oregon and its similarly trained local governments go beyond their bounds and look for businesses to provide funding, they scare off capital dollars from our existing businesses such as, Nike, Intel, PCC Structurals, Xerox, HP, and the rest. Each of these companies complies with myriad of State regulations and they pay untold sums into the community for health insurance, unemployment insurance, matching FICA payments, salaries, taxes, matching volunteer dollars, corporate charity donations, et al, and in spite of this…Oregon wants more.

These businesses fuel Oregon’s economy by the employees they bring into our communities, the money they spend with other local suppliers, and their taxes. The short-term targeting of their tax refunds, only sends they wrong message, the message that the State and local governmental entities are nothing more than money grubbing, mismanaged, welfare providing, political opportunists who seek nothing more than their own personal re-election.

Knight is right to jump into the game, and he is entitled to be their without inflammatory rhetoric of an ensconced politician. Shame on you Mayor Drake. State of Oregon, stay away from the kicker personal OR corporate. Let’s start figuring out how to keep businesses in Oregon…I like my job.

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Mr.Atos said...

The camouflage of hypocritical projection continues on the Left, I see...even in local politics. Their incessant complaints are no different than the insane letter from the unhinged leader of Iran. Its meant to confuse an otherwise clear issue, modify public perception, paralyze action, and buy time for effect. Note that you don't hear a single Democrat complaining about three millionaires in Colorado using their wealth to actually subvert the political process there in favor of Democrats.

Cheating, lieing, filibusters, violence, hate, intolerance... it all works for the Left as a legitimate tactic, as long as they are complaining about someone else doing it. And as long as we cower behind our virtue, we lend them sanction to continue to enslave us with our own honesty. Its their usual game. But, we need not play.

Walk away, Renee. Walk away!