Friday, May 12, 2006

Shotgun Friday...Late Edition

Major Mike

The Old Tired MSM Is Not Dead…Yet

Institutional and private investors were cheering the recent disclosure of newspaper circulation rates. The venerable New York Times…up 0.5%. The Chicago Tribune…up 0.9%. The Star-Ledger…up 0.9%. Be still my heart.

Credit to CNN they ran these numbers at the bottom of the article…the article actually focuses on the overall six-month decline of 2.6% of the industry. Leading, or better lagging the list were…San Francisco Chronicle…down 15.6%. LA Times…down 5.4%. The Washington Post…down 3.7% Wow…when I get a chance, I think I’ll invest in the left-saturated liberal print media…looks like it would really pay off.

These papers are dying because their biased, liberal, institutionally driven agenda is not selling. Dems…you can translate that directly into lost votes.

Ironically, Susan Estritch, noted lefty strategist, piles on the LA Times for shoddy, biased, and pre-conceived reporting…none of which sells anymore.

Good luck with next year's Pulitzers.

Dixie Chicks…Not Fade Away…Wrong

My favorite group…The Dixie Chicks fell off the charts with week with their highly apologetic “Not Ready To Make Nice.” They evaporated off the charts, having apparently peaked at an astounding #23 last week. Sadly, they are not to be found in the top 100 this week.

Idea for a new song…”Not ready To Make A Hit.” Apologize, get back in touch with the America you used to understand, and maybe you can start having success in the record business again.

Maybe Neil Young has room on his archaic anti-war tour… he's selling out coffee houses throughout the country.

Did I mention their nemesis, Toby Keith, is on about his fifty gad zillionth hit since they sank into oblivion over three years ago?

Good luck with that comeback.

Specter Takes ExLax…Judges Move

Arlen Specter finally began moving judges last week. About time. The RNC needs to corral this yahoo and get all of the judicial nominations moving.

Brett Kavanaugh survived the former KGB torture technique of forcing nominees to listen to the unrelated, incoherent ramblings of idiotic Dem Senators, and will likely be confirmed. The usual, incomprehensible, drooling assisted rants by Schumer and Leahy punctuated the session.

Bulldozing on this issue, leading into the fall elections will cause a great deal of turmoil in the Dem ranks, between the hyper-liberal filibuster types, and the moderates, who seemingly understand the process. A fragmented Dem party going into elections, should be a strategic objective for the GOP.

Letting Specter do his thing, unguided, will have the opposite effect. Not another dime until the GOP gets coherent.

Hugh Hewitt adds some good insight on Judge Luttig’s resignation and move to Boeing.

Dems...good luck with that filibuster strategy.

Sherriff Under Pressure…For Enforcing the Law

Sherriff Joe “Pink Underwear, Tent City” Arpaio is getting slammed by pro-immigration rantists for actually enforcing the law. The unapologetic Arpaio…

"It’s a felony; I am enforcing a new law," Arpaio said. "I’m the elected sheriff and I'm going to do what I feel is right regardless of the controversy."

Arpaio deputizes a posse, and uses sworn citizens to aid in enforcing existing immigration statutes. And nothing about this prevents him from drawing the ire of the ostrich left who refuse to deal with this problem.

“"You need to get federal training to become an immigration officer and they have not done it yet, so they are stepping out of bounds," said Hector Yturralde of "We Are America." He worries that posses like Maricopa's one could target Hispanics who live in the country legally.
"I've got brown hair, I've got brown skin, I've got dark eyes," he said, voicing concern about racial profiling. "You're going to pull me over. What happens if I don't have identification on me? As a U.S. citizen, sometimes it happens. Where am I going to end up

As usual, the likes of Arpaio, only trying to do their sworn jobs, are called racists and bigots, because the simply seek to funnel all immigration through legal channels. Legal-logical. Illegal-Illogical. How hard is that to get?

Stick with it Joe.

lllegals...good luck getting through Maricopa County...looks like you'll need it.