Monday, March 17, 2008

The Gospel Madrassa(Part 3)...


As the official Republican Candidate for forty forth President of the United States of America, Senator John McCain must insulate both his Ticket and the Nation from the ugly realities of the forthcoming election. Unfortunately, whether his team knows it or not, he is left having to play the game of racial politics better than either of his potential opponents. With the selection of his Vice President he has a very unique chance to claim mate to their check. McCain must also select a Black candidate as his running mate. But, he must do so in a manner that illustrates Republican's favor of substance over symbolism. He must select a candidate whose character is sound, and whose political substance, regardless of popularity, is without question. There are only two such candidates in the pool of Republican politics at present: Colin Powel and Condoleeza Rice. For the sake of this Nation, one of them MUST be Vice President of the United States.

The contradiction of racial politics is that it promotes the primacy of race foremost over the recognition of ability. To turn a famous phrase, it judges a man (or woman) by the color of their skin rather than the content of their character. For that reason it is incredibly destructive both for the people that purport to be the beneficiaries of a such a mechanism and for the culture of which they are a part. The culture continues to be pre-occupied by race and skin color, albeit in reverse fashion... enslaving the American people to a hyper-enfranchised minority of its citizens. Worse yet, ratial politics continues the enslavement of that very minority for the purpose of Pull for its noble Aristocracy. And while it is arguable that the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is one of its nobles, he most certainly speaks for its class of Wizards and Mullahs, on behalf of its Princes like Barak Obama, today's leader of the Aristocracy of Race. And a vast majority of the Nation's inner-city minoritues have been listening to the fomentations of the Mullahs of the Gospel Madrassas like Wright and their counterpart Muslim Mullahs, like Farakan.

After August's Democrat Convention in Denver, the selection of their candidate will be certified and the campaign for President will officially begin. That leaves little time for the Candidate to mount an effective drive against a Republican opponent who has been campaigning as the Party's Presidential candidate for over 6 months. The longer the primary goes on for Democrats the uglier and more desperate it is sure to become. The weapons turned in will be targetted more savagely and indiscriminately in an attempt to secure pull over the other. After August, they will be turned outward with the same and even greater savage fury. The Clinton's play a brutal politcial game as America has bore witness in the past. They are experts at its perverted machinations. But, Barack Obama relies heavily, albeit abstrusely, on the Pull of ratial politics. His greatest weapon is the innuendo of conseqence; the foremost electoral effect being the pull of the Black vote form the Democrat base of supoort, should Obama not be the Party's Candidate. The suggestion of violence however, hangs over Denver and the Nation like the front of a pending storm, with whispered allusions of a 1968 redux. Should Barack Obama be the Democrat Party's Candidate and the Presidential Election is similar to that of 2000, is it a 1992 redux that is really at hand?


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