Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Gospel Madrassa (Part 4)...


On the face of it, the strategy suggested in part 3 - whereby McCain selects a Black running mate - would seem in itself to be catering to racial politics. Indeed in a sense it is. But, the race card has already been played by the leading Democrat Candidate. Obama continues to double down with his speech today, whereby he asks people to look beyond the content of his character, as represented by his beliefs and the messages he entertains with his family for 20 years. Look beyond, he asks America, the character's of Jeremiah Wright and his own racist grandmother, and consider the color of their skin first and foremeost this election. What other conclusion can one come to when in the middle of a Presidential campaign the leading Democrat Candidate, who happens to be black, delivers a public address on race in America? Barack Obama is making this election about race over ideas. Indeed the gambit is afoot. The victor will be the Candidate who uses the situation at hand on the proverbial battlefield to their best advantage. At the moment Clinton and Obama are engaging one another on that battlefield. Clinton seems to be losing an election about race. She may however be winning an election about ideas, as more of what Obama believes is exposed by the words of his philosophical mentor, Jeremiah Wright. It has clearly caused some level of discomfort among the Aristocracy. Now it seems, with delegates split, the Democrat National Convention and the choice of its super delegates will ultimately decide the primary. Senator McCain has the luxury of opportunity to choose his ground for the battle that is surely to come after the Convention, be it an election of character and ideas or just race and prejudice.

If Clinton is able to overcome Obama's current primary advantage, by nevertheless gaining the support of a majority of delegates, securing her Party's nomination for POTUS, there will be trouble. A great number of Obama supporters will feel cheated... and perhaps rightly so. The system and its rules as they understood it will have been undermined in favor of the preference of the Aristocracy. As has been pointed out in part one, this is the methodology of Liberal Progressivism - preference over merit. Liberalism is in itself an institution of bias, prejudice and discrimiination. What will those disenfranchised Democrat voters do when their preferred candidate has been sandbagged? Dejection and rage will be one immediate reaction, and who really knows how that will play out. Here's where the allusions to 1968 Chicago have been offered, cautiously yet repeatedly. In the aftermath of a riotous tantrum, maybe Democrat voters will reunite once again behind one inevitable candidate and organize their pull with the Hillary Clinton faction for the November's election offensive. On the other hand perhaps, in total rejection, the Obama faction will simply abandon support for the Democrat candidate altogether... in a sense, pull the pull from the pool.

How would that occur? Will they simply stay home on election day?

Or might they lend their support to the Republican Candidate, John McCain? That is doubtful to be sure, given the rhetoric emanating from the Gospel Madrassas and their Institutional surrogates. Republicans are both the party of the evil white man and patriotic America, the Great Satan. What reason would an Obama supporter, fueled on the audacity of hope for change, have to vote for a McCain ticket? What reason indeed might there be.

On the other hand, might some Obama supporters see the promise in a third alternative? ... one that would begin to fracture the narratives and undermine the invective and divisive agitprop that has been built by the messages of the Gospel Madrassas of the Reverends Wright, Jackson, Sharpton, used by race pimps like Rangel, Conyers, Brazil, Nagen to imprison a good people in sociopolitical slavery and keep a Nation permanently divided for the benefit of the Aristocracy of Pull? Condoleeza Rice or Colin Powell could offer that glimpse of promise... a true audacity of hope, if you will. A Vice presidential Candidate of true merit and superb character linked with an identity consistent with Obama's own superficial marketing and packaging, could be an attractive ticket for those American's who truly do hope for 'progress.'

Of course, there would be fierce criticisms, from all the usual suspects. America could even be witness to one of the most amusing hypocritical philosophical catastrophes in the history of Western Civilization if its lucky. When the uncontrolled invective tirades let loose from the fringe Left, directed at someone like Powell or Rice, the utter collapse of civility and rational public discourse could be both magnificent and highly educational to the world. Most would see it for what it is, especially those members of communities who have been asked to sacrifice far too much and far too long for the puney little nobles of a political Aristocracy that has enslaved them as chattel means to serve its bitter ends. And in the end, who can really argue with the facts as considered by each individual sitting alone with their ballot making the right choice about the future of America?...

...one vote at a time toward their own meaningful ends.

But, what if Obama prevails?


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