Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Gospel Madrassa (Part 5)...


Imagine the confusion of Florida in November of 2000, combined with the chaos, rage and violence of LA, 1992... spread across a nation hopelessly divided: politically, socially, philosophically.

There is a darker side of the issue looming before the American electorate. And let's be certain to understand that the term 'dark' refers to a malevolent intent and not the color of one's skin. Reverend Jeremiah Wright is a black soul indeed, and it has nothing whatsoever to do with race. Dark is the content of the man's character, speaking as he does in the cadence of Arafat, Bin Laden, Ahmadinejad, Chavez, Castro, and Krushev, directing the passion of hate like a primed and timed explosive projectile at his philosophical enemies... America, Americans, "the Whites", the Jews, Capitalists, "the Rich", Republicans, and other assorted "Theys." Like his Islamists brethern herding the Palestinians, Wright has stoked emotions and planted suspicions and fears beyond the tolerance of rational restraint. To what purpose? Is it hate for hate's sake? Or is there motive behind such madness?

An Obama candidacy would unify an enormous pool of electoral and emotional Pull, worldwide; from the Muslim Madrassas of the East, to the Universities of Europe and America, the World's media, Television, Newspapers, Hollywood, and of course the Gospel Madrassas of south side Chicago and other inner cities. After August, that political force would slam into the McCain ticket like a Hurricane.

John McCain however, is proving to be a stong and able contender. Traveling to the Middle East and Europe this week, he is seen to be above the bickering and the rhetoric, simply behaving as if he already were the President. If the America electorate continues to view him this way, come September his election may be little more than a foregone conclusion. Yet make no mistake, it will be close. Previous elections have demostrated the reality of political division in America today. Where opposing candidates once battled for States, now they battle for precincts, and votes by the dozen. As the 2004 Gubernatorial election in Washington State demonstrated, even a victory by a few hundred votes can be challenged and stolen. Everyone recalls the debacle of the the 2000 Presidential Election in Florida, where a solid State victory was widdled away by recount after dubious recount until no doubt remained. And still Democrats claimed foul. A victory like that will not stand in 2008 with passions flared, emotions charged, suspicions honed, and the haunting resentment of historical injustice ignited like a fuse ready to trigger a bomb exponentially larger than the one that exploded in Los Angeles in the Spring of 1992 and far less confined. Make no mistake in doubting that there are those who would be eager to use such a bomb. They follow the Alinsky model of sociopolitical evolution whereby any means necessary are acceptable to gain their desired end, even violence and chaos. And clearly, Barack Obama is a student of his fellow Chicagoan, willing to use the suggestion of unrest to further his ends. Fear is a powerful weapon, primarily meant to gain concession.

America might well be facing a climactic moment. With European opinion said to be turned sour, a World War raging against the forces of Islamic Fascism, aggressive trade competition with China, and increasing hostility rising in South America, America can hardly afford another Civil War. It may not even be able to survive it... not as a single Nation. Yet, the threat might easily be neutralized with the selection by the Republican Candidate for President of a running mate that demonstrates once and for all, to all Americans, that the content of one's character is truly the only quality that merits confirmation in the United States of America.

Senator McCain, please choose wisely!

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