Thursday, October 14, 2004

Debating the Debate Debate...


I'm hard-pressed to log my thoughts on last night's third and final debate. I just don't know that they really matter much, if the expression of both substance and style is subverted to the grandstanding of punditry. Perhaps it would be more enlightening for Rove and McAuliffe to simply match irrational courage on a special edition of Fear Factor. It would be as informative as the networks dynamic post debate polling evaluations that are nothing more than email mass-mailings beginning in September or over samples of the fellows at local 49. The President clearly won all three debates where it matters -the first on substance, the second on style and substance, this last on style, substance, and character. Jim G. at Kerryspot encapsulated the overall impression of John Kerry with his one sentence evaluation of last night's performance.

"John Kerry came across as an old, tired, worn out, stretched-out Leftist Tree
Spirit belched forth by the fiery pits of Massachusetts liberalism."
As usual, the bloggers had the most comprehensive, informative and objective analyses (see: Powerline, The Corner, Captain's Quarters, Instapundit, HughHewitt) that I could find. Granted I no longer tune into television broadcasting of any kind, after spending 35 years in fanatic worship to cathodic delusion. CNN, AP and Reuters... the MSM called it for Kerry, and his campaign declared 3 strikes for Bush and tried to return to their line-up. Last night witnessed a repeat of Kerry's tired platitudes, more 'funny' factisms, assured tax increases, litmus tests, global tests now augmented with 'truth' tests (to be ostensibly administered by the thugs that brought us the oil for terror scandal (reference), Hillary Healthcare, abortion on demand, abolishing marriage, Second Amendment erosion, more CBS malfeasance (link), tawdry exploitation of the VP's daughter, more references to the 'magic plan' and Kerry's ill-conceived affirmation that inalienable rights are bestowed by leave of the government via the Constitution.

The announcers declared a rout for by the Left. The stadium saw a single a triple and a called shot over the left field wall, yielding 3 runs for Bush in the top of the sixth... no outs.

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