Friday, October 15, 2004

Mice and Morlocks... (Part 2)

Mr. Atos

It is a law of nature we overlook, that intellectual versatility is the compensation for change, danger, and trouble. An animal perfectly in harmony with its environment is a perfect mechanism. Nature never appeals to intelligence until habit and instinct are useless. There is no intelligence where there is no change and no need of change. Only those animals partake of intelligence that have to meet a huge variety of needs and dangers. `So, as I see it, the Upper-world man had drifted towards his feeble prettiness, and the Under-world to mere mechanical industry. But that perfect state had lacked one thing even for mechanical perfection -- absolute permanency. Apparently as time went on, the feeding of the Under-world, however it was effected, had become disjointed. Mother Necessity, who had been staved off for a few thousand years, came back again, and she began below. The Under-world being in contact with machinery, which, however perfect, still needs some little thought outside habit, had probably retained perforce rather more initiative, if less of every other human character, than the Upper. And when other meat failed them, they turned to what old habit had hitherto forbidden. (The Time Machine, H.G. Wells)

As if to highlight my point in Part 1, Drudge is reporting the Kerry-Edwards campaign and the Democratic National Committee are advising election operatives to manufacture incidence of voter intimidation. Indeed then it is likely their imaginations have improvised more variations on the theme with unverified registration scandals in Oregon and Nevada. Look for it to continue and escalate as the Democrat's stygian descent continues and accelerates. Vodkapundit parallels my own thinking on this, today, as he aptly points out that, "the Kerry-Edwards campaign is going to do its damnedest to turn our fine nation into a banana republic... They're trying, however inadvertently, to destroy the Republic in order to rule it." And while Mr. Green also recognizes the dangerous potential of this particular act of malfeasance, I submit that it merely scratches the surface of a pattern of behavior that, while dooming the Republic, also undermines its legacy, destroys the heritage, and erases twelve generations of service and sacrifice by a nation dedicated to a new way of life on Earth. As the Democrats piddle that away for the sake of a decrepit political machine incapable of winning honest elections, they damn themselves to an existence chiseled from the blackest heart of human malevolence. When one man's voice is replaced by litigated corruption, they will have succeeded in inaugurating a new era of competition among men for transcendent depravity.

Behold the plague of these fiendish Morlocks...

Since the election controversy of 2000 the President has suffered relentless debasement from charges of illegitimate despotism, to endless denigrations of his character and intelligence, to charges of cronyism and corruption... all before the 'W's' were even replaced on the White House keyboards. The attacks of 9-11 served as our sobering enlightenment to the brutal conflict of World War IV and the fact that we were hopelessly late to that realization. Like a college student who dismissed a challenging course - forgetting it altogether by his absence, suddenly awaking in a cold sweat the day of the final exam to the recollection of the prerequisite - America was reminded that an obligation awaits us. A war waged on the frontier, and that frontier had shifted to our home with cataclysmic efficacy. The Left hit 'snooze.' They wished to forget 9-11 happened at all, and merely return to the ceremonial malevolence and derision of 9-10. 'And even if it did happen,' they posited, 'it was OUR fault. We deserved it for being who we are.' 'We deserved it for electing Bush, ' is left implied. The self loathing that is required for a human to hate both himself and his neighbors (possibly even his species) to the degree that he could justify their murder at the rate of 1500 per hour provides certain condemnation of a party that has lost its moral compass in the fever swamps of relativism. A plague of irrational heedlessness has swept half of this nation and threatens its very existence. America cannot simply snooze again by indulging in ignorance to the danger posed by murderous fanatics. We will surely never wake again. And yet the Democrats are desperate to force America back to sleep, even if that means capitulating to the demands of those barbarians at the gate.

That desperation has yielded discourse to a base desire for victory at any cost. That debt is taking the form of a mortgage on civility. The Left is demonstrating a disturbing trend in their increasing tendency toward violence. Newsmax has summarized numerous attacks directed at Bush/Cheney campaign headquarters and staff in Knoxville, Miami, Orlando, Bozeman, and Bellevue, Washington. Republican attendees have been abused, manhandled, and beaten at opposition rallies. The level of neighborhood and automobile vandalism is escalating. Michelle Maulkin has recorded the Progressive's forfeiture of civility in her recent article at Townhall, noting that, "A single act of hate is a danger to the Republic, except when it's fomented by bug-eyed, rock-throwing, lighter-wielding Kerry/Edwards supporters just exercising their "free speech." H.G. Wells couldn't have described them better.

The Mainstream Media, on the other hand, refuses to describe them at all, virtually ignoring the incidents of violence against Republicans, thereby accelerating their own decent into darkness. And yet the first sign of alleged (and unverified) malfeasance on the part of Republicans (reference) , and the usual suspects of the MSM swarm to attention. To be sure, there are few remaining Americans that believe the myth of an un-biased press. And while the Constitution expressly outlines the protection of the institution as a veritable fourth branch of populous governance, it does not profess to dictate a qualifier for informational dispensation. The free market of ideas and opinions would serve to inform the public accurately by means of supply, choice, and educated preference - not unlike the economics of the free market where values determine selection and reality validates choice by means of evaluation. But, as with the three specified branches, ethics are understood to be requisite qualifier for participation. Bias is not therefore, discouraged while indeed any proclamation of objectivity should be suspect. Integrity begets trust. Trust promotes solicitation. The notion seems to have been lost among the major networks. Ultimately, the choice of Sinclair broadcasting to air controversial programming is subject to the volition of three parties: The company's Board, its advertisers, and the viewer. The charges of bias are irrelevant. Sinclair makes its preferences known, publicly... unlike CBS. They also research their facts... unlike CBS. With full disclosure, the public is empowered to make their informed choice. That is, unless Kerry/Edwards make good on their threats. If vindictive Democrats introduce the plague of selective censorship into the public airwaves their actions will ensure the transformation of the fourth estate into the fifth column for the dispensation of information that is politically expedient and reasonably convenient. And why not? The open mind has become a clogged sump filled with a lifetime of unfiltered debris. Consideration without judgment became the mantra of 'progressive' thinking. It eroded to tolerance without discrimination. It finally disintegrated into determination by consensus; judgment long since having been replaced with bigotry. Why not simply dictate preferences rather than allow for the possibility of mistakes?

With that, their descent is complete.


The left has not lost the intellectual argument as much as they have abandoned it to bromides, platitudes, and vitriol. Intellectual elitism has become oxy-moronic. The elite still fancy themselves to be intellectual yet nowhere are the capacity for logic, reason, or open-minded consideration of information more rare. The Left will indulge the most far-fetch conspiratorial delusions offered, while flatly denying wholly reasonable deductions. Indeed now one might recognize the most intellectually competent people in their midst, demonstrating the political judgment of a child in the character of a naked savage worshipping the moon. Through the Clinton years, their comfort with the parental surrogates on Pennsylvania Avenue lulled them to a state of critical abandon. A generation came of age in those 8 years of manufactured bliss with economic health, and national security assured by the preceding 12 years of toil. They simply assumed the legacy of their radical parents, rather than earning their own heritage. Far from a healthy distrust of authority, they expressed their willingness to prostrate their minds to any public despot that stroked their sensibilities. What’s worse, they taught their sheepishness to a subsequent generation far less bonded to traditional civility than their parental Eloi. Mindless hordes could not be bred more perfectly in a laboratory. Their children, were surrendered willingly to a fecklessness worse than their own... to a culture of motive without value or purpose… to a life without definition… to the violence of senseless revolution… and ultimately to a mentality of collective subservience.

The Left is not conciously destroying this Republic as much as they are devouring it. Each cherished attribute of the American experiment is mutilated by their assault, like cannibals swarming over their last victim knowing full well their next meal will be one another. A victory of that effort in November will validate their malevolence for a long time to come.

... And when other meat failed them, they turned to what old habit had hitherto forbidden. So I say I saw it in my last view of the world … It may be as wrong an explanation as mortal wit could invent. It is how the thing shaped itself to me, and as that I give it to you.
Mice and Morlocks, Part 1

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