Friday, October 08, 2004

Need Some Wood?


"Need some wood?" …If that doesn’t encapsulate the gist of the second presidential debate, nothing else does. That come-back can be ranked accordingly with "…Senator the first time I ever met you was when you walked on stage tonight!"… compliments of Vice President Cheney in his debate.

How can you say it differently? President Bush commanded the field at tonight’s debate; forcefully challenging every point Kerry made and keeping him on the defensive by disputing his facts, repeatedly repudiating his Senate record, and exposing his amorphous political convictions. By the 70th minute, Kerry was angry, reeling, and fumbling for a coherent concept. He thought he found it, when he coughed up something about a father raping his daughter. But that will prove devastating in retrospect as both a revolting image solely associated with the Senator, and a rare condition at best to justify infanticide.

One couldn’t help but laugh at Kerry’s continuous reference to General Shinseki, as nearly every major news source has exposed that claim for the lie that it is. Remember General Erik "Turgidson" Shinseki, who wanted to issue black berets made in China to all U.S. forces. General Shinseki retired at the end of his term as planned. I was pleased to see the President reject the bait, leaving it instead for the subject of campaign commercials, editorials, and the pajamahadeen.

Kerry will raise taxes!… and he wants Americans to join him to support this effort, since no one in the audience ever got the Bush tax cut – so says Kerry. One had to wonder how many small business owners in the audience were wondering why Kerry was ignoring them as prospective taxpayers with regard to his admitted tax increase. Then there were those others remembering that they received a tax refund check several years in a row. Additionally, the President slammed home the point that the recession started under Clinton in the Summer of 2000 when the stock market took one of the largest dumps in history, indirectly condemning the same Clinton economic policies the Senator had just endorsed. This left the observer with the realization that the current state of the economy under President Bush’s policy overcame Clinton, recession, 911, and the War on terror to maintain a 5.4% unemployment rate… "and I got a tax CUT."

Did anyone else catch Kerry’s conceptual blunder? He made some point about his running mate's Senate record in which he ‘tried to give Americans rights’ via his legislative authority. Senator Kerry, our rights are not yours to bestow nor eliminate. You might want to go back and study that one for Constitution 101. It’s listed on the syllabus under ‘inalienable.’

The President’s performance was superb. I only wish I had seen it as well as heard it. Kerry entered that arena puffed on MSM adulation for a previous debate performance that smelled like a clean toilet. He believed it was potable. The President played him like an Abilene card sharp - 19, 12, 15… 21, 21, 20,21. What I wouldn’t give to have seen a graphic display of Kerry’s mind after the first 10 minutes: Error: Denial of Service. He clearly knew he was in trouble as evidenced by his incomplete sentences, stumbling syntax and fumbling for words. Kerry capsized right after accusing President Bush of receiving kickbacks from his timber company.
To this, the President replied, "I own a timber company? That's news to me!!" The turn was marked by brief stunned silence from both the moderator and Kerry. The President then responded with a debate classic that will no doubt go down in history…

"Ya, need some wood?"

Indeed. For Kerry’s political coffin.

(Hat tip to freeper spokeshave for the complete quote... and use of his new tagline.)

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