Saturday, October 16, 2004

Devouring a Republic...

Hewitt Symposium #3: How deep a hole have John Kerry, Mary Beth Cahill and the Edwards dug for themselves? How lasting the damage? * Read the introduction to the symposium, and other submissions at


I must say, what Kerry did in the last debate, with regard to inserting the Vice-President’s daughter into his discourse, is hardly new to the Liberal sensibility. This happens all of the time in the course of my local debates with friends and co-workers. Just as they are losing the argument, my own son is often referenced in the conversation to help make the opposite point: "He’ll be drafted... He’ll have no future!... He’ll be burdened by deficit!... His education is at stake!... If you won’t sacrifice your own son, how can you ask others to do the same... Well, If your son were gay…" Few things are more infuriating to me. And yet, I resist the temptation to indulge the emotional response that the play is meant to evoke as an act of desperation on a point that is so weak that it requires buttressing with cheap shots and tawdry references. Granted, Mary Cheney is an adult and requires no defense from me, or her parents with regard to her destiny and her choices. Nevertheless, the affection she shares with her parents can be exploited just the same as if she were an infant. I find it repugnant. It is the behavior of savages (see, Ghosts of Beslan). Kerry’s action during the debate, really personifies one fundamental aspect of the contemporary culture of liberalism – that children are their personal insurgent army for change. They are to be cultivated as the Left sees fit, used to undermine traditional American culture (and most certainly to undermine their parents), exploited for ideological expediency and discarded forthwith when they are a burden.

In the course of the follow-up interview and the question regarding his injection of Mary Cheney, Kerry explain that, "I said it in a very respectful way." If so, that would be the first time in four years that Senator Kerry has shown the Vice President any respect at all. The simple fact is that referencing Cheney's daughter at all in the course of the campaign reflects contempt for both her and her parents. Note that Kerry never admonished Elizabeth Edwards for accusation of 'shame.' If indeed his comments were meant 'respectfully' as he said, in acknowledgment of the love and support the Cheney's held for their daughter, then Edwards' comments were far out of line with respect to the Senator's sentiments. His silence on that issue speaks volumes. Mary Cahill thought Cheney was fair game. Mrs. Edward's agreed. And Kerry provided them with the invitation to a ritual sacrifice. As an intelligent and calculating orator, it is clear that Kerry's motives were anything but decent and respectful. Indeed he hoped to seed doubt by capitalizing on the bigotry of a deviant Republican base as gauged through the prism of his own prejudice... a bigotry that doesn't exist perceived by a prejudice that does. Given the equal split of the American electorate, Kerry looked at them and determined not to win their vote, but rather to encourage them to stay home. That is NOT the character of leadership. There is a definite schism in political reality between Democrats and Republicans. That comes as no surprise and is the source for a proper, rigorous and ongoing culture of lively political discourse, in America. But, Kerry’s brand of fringe liberalism transcends propriety. Clearly, he will use anybody to further his own political ambitions. In Vietnam, men were tortured and possibly killed when Kerry used them in malicious testimony to his bogus eyewitness accounts of criminal atrocities. He has never apologized to those men, and has recently re-affirmed his position from thirty years ago, as just and noble. Why would we expect him now to suddenly discover the integrity to express decency and apologize to Mary Cheney for publicly abusing her in the midst of a Presidential debate? Indeed we do not. That is why he has already lost this election.

Nevertheless, the Left is committed to a dirty political battle the likes of which has never been seen in the course of American History. They will do anything necessary to acquire their 'rightful' power, as I discussed in a recent post on this subject (see: Mice and Morlocks). Kerry's actions are a clear indication of the depths to which the Left is willing to sink to maintain relevance and authority; unraveling American democracy in the process. They are not so much consciously trying to destroy this Republic, as they are devouring it in a cannibal's frenzy.

One more point... I appreciate Mort Kondrake's acknowledgement of the reprehensible nature of Kerry's reference. But, with due respect to the center-left commentator, he is simply wrong to relegate my desire for a nationwide debate on the issue of marriage and civil unions to 'homophobia.' A phobia, sir, is an irrational fear born of bigotry. My fear in this regard is not of homosexuals. It is a fear of rogue judicial precedent... and it is hardly irrational. Contrary to your juvenile assessment of Republican character, as a mainstream Republican myself, I would defend civil unions for HS couples as ardently as I am defending traditional marriage. But, again I say, it is their responsibilty to define for me, the nature of their request and their own definitions of what is to be a fundamental HS relationship. Its not the court's responsibility to impose those desires on me, nor is it my responsibility to capitulate my values to their preferences. It is a discussion that this nation needs to have... the result of which we can all then accept in full recognition of its relevance to our culture.


Theres a great post on this at Matt Crash. "John Edwards' audition for the TBN circuit will reinforce the image of a snake-oil peddler, like the crude Bible salesman from O Brother! Where Art Thou? And Elizabeth Edwards? Middle-class women hear enough of that gossip at the beauty salon. They don't need anymore of it from the potential Vice President's wife.

Also, A Simple Desultory Dangling Conversation. Corrie makes a strong point about culture.

Astounding observation by Mrs. Hamilton's Pamphlets, at Hamilton's Pamphlets.
"He just said in so many words that if the Cheney's love their daughter but go along with the President's policies, then they are really lying about loving their daughter or they are lying about supporting the President. He basically called the Cheney's two faced liars and questioned whether they love their daughter." See, Oh The Irony...

Mitch at Shot in the Dark, composes the Absurd Manifesto... 13 things you must believe to vote for Kerry.(My terminology, not his) Everyone should have a look at Common Decency.

Froggy Ruminations is a must read! Usama Bin Laden Is Dead. So is Bella Lugosi. " is important to recognize that the President's committment to killing terrorists supercedes his committment to his own re-election. I'm sure he hopes that the American people will come to this conclusion on their own and vote for him anyway, but it is quite a risk to take in the ultimate ME situation.This kind of integrity and committment stands in stark contrast to his opponent."

More good observations at Hard Starboard. "And with Republicans livid, independents turned off, and Democrats trapped between miasmic hate static, defensive spin, and in a rare case here and there, honorable repudiation, the contrast with the President couldn't be more unfavorable."

Interesting perspective from GayPatriot. "Republican "Big Tent" philosophy that I have always believed. My party has room even for those with far different political and personal views."

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