Monday, October 18, 2004

Not Hiring...

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There are a plethora of reasons why I am NOT voting for Kerry. They are far too numerous to mention here, and have been summarized adequately in my previous posting at this site. They all amount to the simple fact that John F. Kerry is not George W. Bush! The Senator’s presence in this campaign is really quite irrelevant, in fact. The job of President is filled. We’re not interviewing nor are we hiring for the position. November is a performance review for the Man in the Executive seat, and his record reflects tremendous job performance.

Having recently moved from Texas to the Northwest in 2000, I had followed the Man’s successful political career and I appreciated the fact that he was not a career politician. I selected George W. Bush as the candidate for the Office of President because of his resume (including his Governance of Texas), his integrity, honesty, his values, a center Right agenda, and his adherence to his convictions through a bitter campaign where pandering may have motivated the temptation of weaker men (witness the current applicant). Four years later, all my expectations have been fulfilled and transcended. We selected the right man for the job. As we seek to extend his contract for another 4 years, the primary question to ask, is can we expect the same performance from this man in a second term dominated by modified socio-economic challenges and a brutal conflict for our security and very existence? For my answer to this question, I turn to a recent posting over at Froggy Ruminations. Matt parallels my own thinking on the subject. OBL is dead. Further, WMD have been found. I'm convinced. Nevertheless, the President could seal this difficult election with just a simple statement to that effect, whether it be true or false. Certainly if the Left were right about him, he would already have done just that. And yet, he knows that from a strategic standpoint, that information - while contributing to his victory - would also seed the resolve of martyrdom with the enemy. Additionally, it would remove their political advantage of not attacking with WMD. He is, in essence, putting his job on the line buying our troops more time and security to do their job, eradicating the enemy threat while ensuring greater safety for the American people. That is the strength and character of leadership. In my opinion, we already have the right man for the job, where the Presidency is concerned. It is George W. Bush.

In fact, after this election, rather than a promotion, we might consider firing the feckless Senator from Massachusetts even from his current position - for moral turpitude and atrocious job performance.

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