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Eleven dead, including six Americans in the latest wave of violence by insurgents in Iraq. Militants calling themselves the Islamic Army, claimed to have downed a civilian helicopter carrying a team of American diplomatic security personnel, plus the Fijian and Bulgarian crew.
Michelle Malkin discusses this incident and its sobering details, linking to an uncensored video posted by In the Bullpen showing the execution of a Bulgarian survivor by self-proclaimed representatives of the religion of peace. This and the current revelations of the mass murder of men woman and children at the hands of Al Quaeda forces in Iraq, is enough to remind us that we are still engaged in a serious struggle for survival with very real monsters.

And yet, nearly as chilling as these recent atrocities, is the reaction by many on the Left - a near orgy of hate-filled glee - at the news of the American civilian contractors killed in service. As with the four Americans previously slaughtered, mutilated and hung from a bridge in Fallujah, these six were also employees of Blackwater Security Consulting. The celebration on the Left is the same now
as it was then, if not more rancid. Little Green Footballs takes note of the stygian depths to which the Left has sunk as represented in the comments at The Daily Kos. (HT: Michelle Malkin)

Personally, I'm not surprised at the growing level of hatred emanating from the Left. I might have been 12 months ago. But, as they ratchet up the rhetoric, their true character becomes increasingly apparent. The Left is not an assemblage of reprehensible people. It is an ideological position that does, however, attract reprobates like flies to carrion. Now we know (as if we didn't before) why admirable character is so very important - not just from our representatives in government, but in our neighbors, friends, and co-workers as well; and why a philosophical position that values such traits is in fact a superior concept for Man to embrace. Can you imagine the visage of this nation as defined by the current liberal approach to reality, truth, facts, and discourse? Can you imagine the nature of such men that would care to particpate in those relationships or in that government? Unfortunately one need not merely imagine it. There are far too many examples of it in the pages of the discarded legacy of the Left's attempts at governance... the aristocracy of tyrants, the famine, poverty, corruption, depravity, oppression, negligence, violence, slavery, and the ultimate stench of the dead; persistently disguised by propaganda. In case one thinks I am engaging in ad hominen profiling of the Left, I further submit that there are few representatives of that political persuasion refusing to participate in this ugly decent into septic discourse, nor challenging those most outspoken champions of their positions regarding the war, or the current administration, and now devout Christians. Joe Lieberman, God bless him, the worthy candidate and statesman, has felt the burn of the acid of the Democrat's venom demonstrating to any and all what fate dissent from their vitriolic brethren will earn them... debased obscurity. In fact, the most outspoken proponents in our midst can be counted on to utter the most disgraceful and reprehensible statements concerning America, the President, the Administration, Republicans, Christians, Jews, and even American Serviceman and security personnel dying in their defense. Often the offenders are friends, relatives and coworkers. My own sobering example hit last Fall with a comment from a co-worker regarding the discovery of Sarin gas in Iraq. Parying the discovery with accusation, he exclaimed, "I thought we knew exactly where they are?..." and then thrusted the following reply "Anyway," he said, "I'm just relieved that instead of being hidden away now the Iraqis can use US soldiers to use them on." [quoted verbatim] This is an American citizen - an urban professional, husband, father - relishing the possibility that American serviceman might be the target of a nerve gas attack. Where do you go from this degree of hatred and venom? How do we put the nation (or Western Civilization) back together after this? Dare they hope that once President Bush is gone and Republicans are relegated to minority status, they will again be able to live with their concealed subconcious hatred for their fellow Man?... and ultimatelly their own acute self-loathing. Well, I have a bulletin for them. I don't want to live with that nor them. It is ugly and inhuman to the core and there is no cure for it, except through religion or rational philosophy and they reject both. For all the ridiculous talk about Conservatives as Nazis, radical Leftist have, in fact, donned the brown shirt and joined the fight along side the barbarians... against Mankind.

Look, we can debate the degree to which we live in a free or oppressive State indefinitely... or at least until the barbarians lop our myopic heads off. But the fact is that we are a civilization that celebrates life at war with an infection that prays to death. Freedom in fact, or freedom in theory, the alternative to the concept is immolation. You spend time arguing whether it's worth defending, and I will choose the bloody sword in defense of my life. Once we kill the infection and shed the bedclothes, then we can worry about our pants being to tight. Is it such a tremendous leap of intellectual honesty and consideration to note that Bin Laden, Zarqawi, the Kleptocracy of radical Islam and their fanatical swarm of murderers champion a cultural movement that in every way is diametrically at odds with the liberal ideals of Western Civilization?

... and that the icon – the pinnacle - of the representation of Western Civilization is, in fact, the United States of America; humanity's highest achievement toward institutional freedom?

... and that the underpinning of freedom, is the economic system of Capitalism on which this nation is founded?

... and that the target of the fury of this murderous barbarian swarm is that very system?

The real symbol of Western Civilization was manifested in the monuments of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. In it was encapsulated the symbolic roots of the freedom of one man to decide his own destiny, and to resist meglomaniacal tyrants like Bin Laden... and wicked little vermin like
Militarytracy. That is why we are hated, and is ultimately the source of the desire to see us all dead. We are hated, because we think! We are hated because we create! We are hated because we live! We are hated because we know joy! We are hated because we do it all without so much as a 'by your leave' of the aristocracy of death and because we do not need them nor their perverse gods and fetid netherworld whores...

... nor their abstract consensus.

We are, by the nature of our existence, free to exist. And that is why the monsters hate us. We choose life. They want us dead. Take your pick. There are only those two choices and your time is running out.

UPDATE: 04.25.05:09:19
But wait, there's more. Pie's give way to fists, as male 'peace-activists' beats 49 year old woman supporting the troops. Paul Allaire, you're a piss ant not worthy of my boot heel. Check Michelle Malkin's piece, "Another Liberal Gone Wild."

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