Monday, April 04, 2005

Alternative Reporter Wins Pulitzer...


Alternative reporter Nigel Jaquiss of Portland's Willamette Week has stunned the world of American Journalism today by winning the 89th Annual Pulitzer prize for his investigative reporting of a rape scandal that reached far into the upper echelons of the City's leadership and its history. The Portland Monthly has a good review of Nigel and the biggest undercovered story of the year.

Congratulations Mr. Jaquiss. Today its an independent reporter. Next year, a blogger perhaps?! Watch your Hinderocket.

UPDATE 04.04.05:20:35
... just maybe
Ed Morrissey of Captain's Quarters deserves the 90th annual PP for Investigative Reporting. It is this kind of work, as exemplified by independent journalists like Mr. Jaquiss, renegades like Michelle Malkin and exceptional bloggers like Captain Ed, which demonstrate to everyone that the 'Mainstream' back-scratchers of the Old Busted Media are an obsolete breed of irrelevent talking points mouthpieces or propagandistic partisan hacks who have no interest in truths that expose Leftist's shenanigans... and their reprehensibly perverse and criminal histories.

Courage, Dan...Courage.

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