Thursday, April 28, 2005

Morning Optimism...

Mr. Atos

The fetching Mrs. Atos felt compelled to pass along a message of her own this morning. As always, her being is a personification of the essence of American optimism. I think you will agree...

There are, as there always were, many American's today who feel compelled to share their political view with us. They like to tell us what's really going on. What the "other side" is up to. Funny thing is, when I look out my front door and gaze around at the yards of my neighbors I can't see these people on the other side. I see people trying to get along. People who are quick to lend a hand; people who are kind and embracing. If there are sides, then up close, where it matters, it sure seems we are on the same side. And even closer in than that, I sure don't see any lines between myself and my boys. Well ok, maybe the one that's my two-year-old likes to draw on occasion.

What I say to those who are so frustrated with where we are in politics today: If it upsets you so much then do something about it. Become a part of politics or the media. If being a part of the game isn't for you then vote and let the politicians do the jobs they are elected and paid to do. Let them have the headaches. And if you fear the corruption, remember that our forefathers set up a means for the government to check itself. Pretty smart, eh? Sure some things will get through the cracks, but not for long.

Maybe I'm a dreamer, but I really think things are going to be just fine. If you need to be reminded of it once in awhile come on by and I'll see what I can do.

- Mrs. Atos


Ralph said...

Admirable and what does the fetching Mrs. Atos think about the older gentleman with the lies and misrepresentations about social security reform?

Mr.Atos said...

She was polite, silenced me with a sideways glance, and listened for a bit. Then she said, "We fully support the President's reform plan." Mrs. Atos is one of the seemingly rare, admirable liberals who actually practice what they preach... tolerance, open-mindedness, rational compassion, a passionate effection for liberty and self-reliance, with a healthy degree of obstinance. Perhaps that's why she became a Republican two years ago.

Don't get her started on the ITAX.

Ralph said...

I wouldn't dream of it. What is the ITAX?

Mr.Atos said...

Two years ago, the Ultra-Lefties of Portland found a way to get their grubby hands on the Bush Tax cuts. They instituted a County Income Tax which they call a 'surcharge.' Now, to be fair, it was put up for a vote. The people of one of only a handful of Red Counties in Oregon saw a small number like 1.25% and said, 'Sure! Its for the children'... Education being the rhetorical whore of Leftist sympathy pimps. A year later we all got the check for 1.25% of adjusted annual incomes. You can imagine. Suddenly, the money we had set aside monthly for our boys' education fund evaporated into the abyss of Democrats expenditures (aka. Graft). That year we launched a successful recall campaign of the initiative. But, guess what. By a small majority, the suckers voted to retain it. Now, the ITAX is supposed to be a temporary surcharge... lasting only 3 years. That would be about the time, one might have expected Kerry would have been President, if one were delusional moonbat. But, guess what? He's not. And as one might imagine, there is talk of making the 'temporary tax' permanent. Then watch it creep to 1.5%, 2.0%, 4.0%. Why not? Its for the children, right?

Never let it be said, that there are not those stupid enough to be encouraged to slit their own throat for their own well being.

The Mrs. handled the taxes this year. She was not happy to see another 1.25% of our hard-earned income get written away along with the money we already pay to the State, and a sizeable increase in property taxes two years in a row. It makes one consider moving back to Texas.