Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Trojan Rino...


Pardon me while I put on my swimfins and boxing gloves...

This is beginning to look like an ambush...complete with insurgents. Reading Rich Lowry's account of today's Bolton hearing trainwreck, one comes away with the image of a sabotaged boiler and dissembed track. Democrats are said to be targeting moderate Republican Senators, like Chafee, Lugar, and now the feckless and quite incompetent Senator Voinovich. Might we begin to suspect collusion?

The Democrat Senators have clearly initiated a scorched earth political campaign against the President's nominees - judicial and all. Not only will they resort to any means necessary to torch and immolate the characters and reputations of fine citizens and statesman, they are determined to destroy the entire political environment of the United States - the rules, traditions, and honor - for generations to come. Bipartisan discourse has been eliminated, and that's just for starters. But its one thing to note, as many have, the bankruptcy and profound malevolence that has overcome the Democrat Party. Its quite another to come to terms with Republican legislators who have gained power under false pretense of solidarity, yet who lend consistent allegiance to conflicting agendas. Is it any wonder that Frist's control has been handicapped. The tendons are being severed from within between muscle and bone.

The Republican base is being deliberately pitted now against the political leadership, and the effect is certain. While billionaire marxists funnel untold millions into campaign caches, the citizen supporters of the red county majority are being poisoned with apathy and despondency. Their sysiphian efforts which held firm against the 2004 onslaught of media and special interest legions, have yielded a shallow victory in the form of an epic Executive yet with an impotent Congress, and a forlorn Judiciary. The prize for the sacrifice of fortune and effort has been revealed as a withdrawal of leadership, and a compromised trophy of majority victory.

Watch for a mass defection.

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UPDATE: 04.20.05:17:31
I have been holding my fire as long as possible to give Republicans a chance to do the right thing. But, alas the Republicans look like the Trojans. After winning a tremendous victory against the onslaught of an offensive force, they’re done in by poor leadership and an empty trophy full of insurgent RINO’s who, for all intents and purposes, have snuck out in the dead of night and opened the gates to the vitriolic hordes of a berzerk extremist ideological minority. With all due respect to Senator Kyle, his whining on Hugh Hewitt's show this evening about the insanity of the Press is not going to stop the collapse of our defenses. The Old Busted Media, is old and busted as the demise of the LA Times demostrates. His concern for their viewpoint reflects a disturbing lapse in judgment. Delay in the face of a determined political foe, is the mortal threat at hand. In another month, the damage may be too significant to overcome and Frist and the Republicans, after losing in 2006 and 2008, will disappear into the same oblivion as Hector and his Trojans.


Theo p. said...

I ouldn't agree more. I have been a staunch Republican all my life but I sent back a fund raising request to the National Committee saying not one dime more until the President's judicial appointees get an up or down vote.I hate doing it but it is necessary.

Mark said...

What a great post! I can't begin to describe my rage at the Republicans in the Senate. I too have sent back a Republican fund raising request. Not a Dime More will spread until the Republican Senate comes around, or the Democrats take control of the Senate for real. The way it looks, them being in majority won't really change much, as they already control quite a few RINOs already.

Bill S said...

I will take it one step further. Not one more vote until the Republicans start doing what the majority party is supposed to do. Advance the conservative agenda!!!!
Get Bush's federal judges an up or down vote, get Bolton appointed UN Ambassador and stand by Delay!!!!

I have an excellent campaign strategy for the Republicans in 06--

"Vote Republican!!! Help us maintain the majority in the House and Senate and we will continue to advance the minority Democratic party's agenda. Only with your votes and monetary support can we continue this important effort. We cannot allow the Dems to take back the majority as they will advance their liberal agenda without our help. You cannot allow that to happen. America's future is at stake. We need your vote and money to ensure that the Dems advance their agenda only if Republicans are in the majority in the House and Senate. We cannot allow Liberalism to succeed on its own.

Sounds crazy, absurd and farfetched but that is what is going on right now!!!

They will not get my vote if they continue on this course!!!!

Brad from Woodstock said...

I was part of the grassroots giving last year for the Republican party and Bush 2004 that averaged around $50 per person and built a juggernaut of finances.
I returned a request from both the RNC and Senatorial Campaign for contributions telling them I wouldn't give another dime until the Senate leadership took a real stand on the filibuster.
If you go down, go down swinging. I'd rather lose the filibuster votes, identify the fake pachyderms for the voting Republicans and move on.
Senator Frist better understand that no vote is worse than a vote that exposes the jelly-spines in your own camp.
No filibuster vote and I hope George Allen resigns before 2006 because running out of the Senate cesspool gives him no chance.

Ralph said...

I am so fed up. I have sent emails to Senators, send back money requests from Republican organizations, and these wimps are still worried about upsetting someone who isn't communicating with them or sending money. What are they thinking? Threebadfingers (threebadfingers.com) is posting links to emailed Senate letters. Not much to show there yet but maybe you can help.
To top it all off, I get this email from Frist telling me not to worry, that the Republicans don't want to change your government. What is he smoking?
Have tot stop now.. I can't maintain civil discourse.

Mr.Atos said...

Dang, Ralph. I had heard about ThreeBadFingers posting those letters. I sent mine off via the Senate Comments and do not have a draft. But, I too let Gordon Smith, Frist and Santorum know that I am quite...unhappy... about their performance to date. I'll likely reitereate my disgust for Voinovich as well and will post it there. Thank you for your comments.