Thursday, April 28, 2005

Letter to Senator Gordon Smith (R. OR)...

Mr. Atos

This is the body of a letter that I just sent to my Senator on the subject of Social Security Reform.

Dear Senator,

A older gentleman appeared at our home the other night - friendly and polite - to 'enlighten' my wife and I about Social Security reform. Assuming that we knew nothing about the current state of the program nor the nature of the President's plan, he proceeded to misrepresent nearly all of the facts. We let him continue for a bit before enightening him of our knowledge about the issue. He quickly departed.

Granted the man has every right to support his party's agenda (assuming that the DNC button was a correct identifier). But at near retirement age himself, the man should have been ashamed of his actions. Standing on the porch of a small urban home, before two young adults, each holding a child, he attempted to encourage us with half-truths (and worse) to deliver our boys to the economic slavery of a system that is collapsing before our very eyes. Knowing full well, that he will in fact receive his benefits as promised, he neverthess desired to prostitute a political solution to a real problem. This is reprehensible and it happens every night on the news, and every time a Democrat politician gets in front of a microphone... and you know this is true. The facts about social security are there before you. Political wrangling and the vitriol spewing from a party of juvenile brats in lieu of action offers no solution. Furthermore, you know full well, that the President's plan to privatize Social Security is fractional to the entire investment, and wholey voluntary. You, like the gentleman before our door, know the truth. He was willing to look at my children and offer us handcuffs. You Sir, I expect more from as a statesman and their surrogate representation in the U.S. Senate. Do what is right and support the President's efforts at Social Security reform.

I would rather give the system up entirely for myself and my generation, than to see my children inflicted with a burden that they can neither bear, nor shrug.

Sincerely, [Mr. Atos]

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