Friday, August 05, 2005

Left Leaning Media?

Major Mike

Simple question. How is it that I can read something ultimately meaningless, while completely disparaging, about Judge Roberts everyday…as evidenced in the Oregonian again today, but I have yet to read a scintilla about the Air America payola scandal?

As Mr. Atos points out, the media will stoop to new lows to find “dirt” on the President’s Supreme Court nominee, now smearing the family with fashion police violations and attacking the status of children within a family structure, but they can’t seem to find Al Franken and his pilfering of a Boys and Girls Club to keep Air Smearmerica on the air. It is this blatant bias, that continues to keep the MSM sailing on its Titanic course. I hope they choke on their DC martinis as they pat themselves on the back for “outing” a four-year-old adoptee, while their Pulitzer Prize opportunities are flushed in the Air Scaremerica shredders.

I never want to hear “journalism” and “profession” in the same breath again. In today’s culture, the MSM couldn’t muster enough “professionalism” to float a rubber duck. When did they begin to think that they had the “right” to influence culture instead of reporting on it? To influence politics instead of reporting on it? To attack children instead of bloated comedians who steal from children?

The MSM has become a cancer in our society. They do not simply report on our society any longer, they are pushing their agendas across their front pages daily, and in doing so abdicate their true function which is to keep an open dialog going in this country about important issues such as war, government, corruption, and terrorism. Their malignant tentacles are now into the adoption records of two innocents, instead of the financial records of liberal insiders.

I will feel no remorse when the MSM collapses and the Democrat Party cannot afford to pay all of their employees, who are now paid by multi-media conglomerates. When the MSM is finally irrelevant, I will not have a bit of empathy for the long lines of unemployed media types who are currently in the process of flushing their “profession,” their reputations, and eventually their very jobs down the toilet with the garbage they are pushing as news today. Good riddance.

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