Monday, August 29, 2005

Playbook for Defeat

Major Mike

In viewing the politics of war, I have concluded that in order to snatch defeat from the very jaws of victory it requires a very diverse and complex team.

First, you must have the kicker. This is actually the person who starts the game into play. In this case it is Cindy Sheehan. It seems that her individual effort has won her the kicking job on the Defeatists. Her inability to recognize the honor in her son’s sacrifice, her inability to grieve within the norms of human ability, and her desires to be celebritized, have won her the kicking spot on the team.

As with most kickers, she won’t get much playing time after the game starts, but she will be brought in from time to time, occasionally to gain field position, and occasionally to actually score a few points against the other team, but she will not be a deciding factor in the game. And like most kickers, she will be remembered as Cindy Whatshername…you know, the one that started us down the road of defeat in Iraq.

As with any team you have upper management and coaches. The Defeatists have a seasoned team here…Tom Hayden was seen on TV last week trying to protect soldiers from harm…I can’t recall one soldier asking for his help though. He will be calling some of the plays from his luxury box. They are well financed by and other far left defeatists, so they should be able to get some great players during the next election season. They will have some plays drawn up by John Kerry and Max Cleland, so they are poised for a winning, I mean losing season.

They have a star quarterback as a player coach…Jane Fonda. The only starter ever, to play every season for the Defeatists. She is a talent. The only player to actually run plays for the other team during a game…a controversial play, but she was able to pull it off without a penalty. In fact she is one of the few to ever pull it off. She will be a little rusty from a long layoff, but in the luxury of her opulent motorcoach, she should be able to make a real difference on the field.

There will be a lot of role players and substitutes…Martin Sheen made it to camp this morning. The Rev. Sharpton, a rookie in the Defeatists camp, will look to the veteran for a lot of instruction and support. The Baldwin Brothers are expected to start in the line, and Sean Penn will likely be stealing signs from the pressbox.

The biggest piece in carrying the Defeatists losing season will be the hometown press. With the help of the very negative hometown press, the Defeatists have gone and 1-15 in the past 25 years. They are looking at picking up their second victory, I mean defeat, soon.

They may even get some help from outside the league…farm teams from France, Italy, Canada, and Germany, are all expected to produce viable prospects.

And the fans will be a big factor…of course the Defeatists have the usual hard core fans…often seen rallying in the off-season against global warming, the G 7, the World Bank and others. Soccer rowdies have nothing on these fans. These fans have caused destruction in the name of peace on four continents. They can be menacing, so it remains to be seen if more losing will attract more fans.

Yes, the Defeatists may be in for their best season yet.

But they can be stopped.

Did the Defeatists of Vietnam take responsibility for the resulting deaths of the Communist takeover and “re-education” camps? For the atrocities that occurred in Cambodia after the region was destabilized? At some point, wouldn’t a few thousand more American deaths be worth the millions that actually died after the Defeatists game-plan was actually executed. Isn’t this just a liberal form of white elitism? A few thousand of us are worth millions of you….

This is not about the 1400+ combat deaths, note the subtraction of over 400 non-combat deaths. This is about the Defeatists wanting to win elections, not doing the right thing. The Vietnam protests were more anti-Nixon than they were anti-war. The war was the excuse to turn up the heat. And, as the current Sheehan movement starts being infiltrated by Dem operatives and opportunistic politicians, it will be more about elections and less about the war and its dead. We have probably already crossed the fulcrum on this.

The current Defeatists aim to saddle another generation with the loser malaise that was predominate post-Vietnam. They have no shame in doing this, and they revel in it…much like hooking the poor on welfare. They are attempting to create another generation of self-loathing losers who will dependent on the liberals to lead them out of the falsely created darkness. They are attempting to build a constituent base at the expense of the actual people they are claiming they are trying to protect.

Lastly, let’s don’t lose sight on the fact that it was America that has rose to defeat fascism and communism in the last century. And that this effort required determination and resolve. In fact, our occupying forces still add to the stability of western Asia and central Europe. We are not attempting to annex any part of the Middle East…we are simply adding more nations to the list of the democratic and protecting millions as we go. What is there to mock in that?

What is there to defeat?

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