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What Is Being Left - Pitty Pimps and Grief Whores...

The Prostitution of Virtue to a Menacing Obsession For Power.


Allow me once again to caress the edge of hyberbole with you for a moment. Understanding that words have very specific meanings, consider very carefully, the words used here to describe the current condition of what is being Left. Because the terms are not nearly as offensive as the reality of an ideological movement prostituting its grief to a nation's compassion for political advantage.

You don't disrespect someone that you love. You do not exploit their virtue for your own whim or lustful satisfaction, much less peddle it for another's. And yet, what is being Left is intent to defile their own, for the satisfaction of an irrational lust for power. That is not love. It is something quite opposite; when widows prostitute themselves using their husbands' murders as a vehicle for an agenda. A mother offers herself for the defiling by proxy of the volition of a dead soldier. And the pimps of the fetid core of what is being Left peddle these grieving women to the perverted mobs of media sycophants grappling for their turn at them. The world is witness to a scene as repulsive as any video-taped gang rape!

America saw the first incarnation of grief whores in the
foursome of 9/11 widows known as the 'Jersey Girls.' The pimps of the Left latched onto the loss of the husbands of these political activists to deliver a political blow at an incumbent President during a contentious re-election campaign. Their true loss seemed of little consequence to the greater goal of power aquisition. Their grief was diluted by their robust cheerleading of the 9/11 investigating Commission and inane political commentary. Rabinowitz described one of their initial trix last year as follows,
The night of Ms. Rice's appearance [before the Commission], the Jersey Girls appeared on "Hardball," to charge that the national security adviser had failed to do her job, that the government failed to provide a timely military response, that the president had spent time reading to schoolchildren after learning of the attack, that intelligence agencies had failed to connect the dots.
And yet where are these grieving irrate widows now, when the 'Able Danger' revelations and other new evidence suggests real negligence of that very same Commission for which they served as cheerleaders? Where are they calling for a similar investigation of incompetence on the part of the Clinton administration for knowingly ignoring the threat warnings? Nowhere. Those old spent ladies are notably silent.

But, what is being Left has found a new source of grief to pimp to the pitty of the American conscience. Sadistically, they have culled the mothers of the brave sentinals of the frontier for a fool to exploit. And they are likewise defiling her unhinged misery before a mob of voyueristic media degenerates satiating their partisan perversions.

Over at National Review,
Byron York unveils the orgy that what is being Left is having with their new pet...

The Sheehan vigil, officially sponsored by, along with the liberal groups True Majority and Democracy for America, was part of a nationwide series of protests Wednesday night. According to MoveOn, there were 1,627 such meetings, with a total attendance of at least 50,000 people. The Birmingham crowd — in the heart of one of the nation's reddest states, where George W. Bush defeated John Kerry 63 percent to 37 percent last year — was significantly larger than theattendance at Douglass' usual vigils. Although 50 people had signed up to come, it appeared that the crowd actually numbered between 60 and 75.

On its website, MoveOn offered protesters what amounted to a pre-fab vigil kit, including talking points, a "sample media advisory," and pre-designed signs —placards that read MOMS FOR PEACE and MEET WITH CINDY and, apparently for pet lovers, DOGS FOR CINDY. But the Birmingham protest appeared a bit more homegrown. People carried signs that said WE ARE ALL SISTERS ANDBROTHERS: LOVE YOUR ENEMIES. And as they stood around — there were no speeches —they expressed opposition not just to the controversial war in Iraq, butalso to the war in Afghanistan, which polls indicate was overwhelmingly supported by the American people...

...the country last night were only partly about the war in Iraq. Yes, that is the focus of the protesters' passions today. And yes, they support Cindy Sheehan. But the antiwar movement is also about opposition to the very foundation of the war on terror — the war in Afghanistan and the U.S. response to the 9/11 attacks. Last night, the signs and the slogans were about Cindy Sheehan. But the protest was about much more than that.

In great contrast to the bordello of Crawford, Ronald Griffon offers a halo of moral chastity at Opinion Journal, (HT. Michelle Malkin)

I lost a son in Iraq and Cindy Sheehan does not speak for me. I grieve with
Mrs. Sheehan, for all too well I know the full measure of the agony she is forever going to endure. I honor her son for his service and sacrifice. However, I abhor all that she represents and those who would cast her as the symbol for parents of our fallen soldiers. The fallen heroes, until now, have enjoyed virtually no individuality. They have been treated as a monolith, a mere number. Now Mrs. Sheehan, with adept public relations tactics, has succeeded in elevating herself above the rest of us. Sen. Bill Nelson of Florida declared that Mrs. Sheehan is now the symbol for all parents who have lost children in Iraq. Sorry, senator. Not for me.
Pitty pimps like Senator Bill Nelson, Maureen Dowd, the letcherous scoundrels of MoveOn.Org and the hordes a malevolent concentrate that are what is being Left are abusing grieving parents everywhere; either voluntarily or by forcibly raping their virtue like a drugged teen at Woodstock. Griffon continues...

Maureen Dowd of the New York Times portrays Mrs. Sheehan as a distraught mom standing heroically outside the guarded gates of the most powerful and inhumane man on earth, President Bush. Ms. Dowd is so moved by Mrs. Sheehan's plight that she bestowed upon her and all grieving parents the title of "absolute moral authority." That characterization epitomizes the arrogance and condescension of anyone who would presume to understand and speak for all of us. How can we all possess "absolute moral authority" when we hold so many different perspectives?

I don't want that title. I haven't earned that title.

Although we all walk the same sad road of sorrow and agony, we walk it as individuals with all the refreshing uniqueness of our own thoughts shaped in large measure by the life and death of our own fallen hero. Over the past few days I have reached out to other parents and loved ones of fallen heroes in an attempt to find out their reactions to all the attention Mrs. Sheehan has attracted. What emerges from those conversations is an empathy for Mrs. Sheehan's suffering but a fundamental disagreement with her politics.

Indeed! Yet what is being Left profanes the overwhelming sensibilities of American virtue as expressed by Ronald Griffon, the greater Sheehan family, the families of the all the casualties of the war, and the majority of all Americans. They defile the mothers and families of the victims of Saddam's insanity, the Taliban's brutality, and Al Quaeda's bloodlust. Last week Mohammed over at Iraq The Model, delivered his own Iraq perspective as a response to the revulsion of the Sheehan spectacle: (HT: The Anchoress)

Ma'am, we asked for your nation's help and we asked you to stand with us in our war and your nation's act was (and still is) an act of ultimate courage and unmatched sense of humanity.Our request is justified, death was our daily bread and a million Iraqi mothers were expecting death to knock on their doors at any second to claim someone from their families.Your face doesn't look strange to me at all; I see it everyday on endless numbers of Iraqi women who were struck by losses like yours.

Our fellow country men and women were buried alive, cut to pieces and thrown in acid pools and some were fed to the wild dogs while those who were lucky enough ran away to live like strangers and the Iraqi mother was left to grieve oneson buried in an unfound grave and another one living far away who she might not get to see again.

We did nothing to deserve all that suffering, well except for a dream we had; a dream of living like normal people do.

What is being Left is writhing in their repugnance and celebrating its stench. The self-righteous menace of the Sheehan orgy demands compassion for their grief and a voice for their rage while pilfering it from others, claiming pitty on their behalf as well. To what end?

What is being Left is willing to pollute all that is decent to heedlessly peddle their perverse obsession with an unearned moral authority that is debased at best, and malevolent at worst. Because what is being Left has no respect for Casey Sheehan. He was the tool of a fascist belligerence. He was a stormtrooper, baby-killer, mindless grunt. He deserved to be killed by the heros of Islamic liberation. They have no real grief for the victims of 9/11 who were nothing more than 'little Eichmans' deserved of the fate that ripped them from existance. Those are the true sensibilities of the pimps of Cindy Sheehan: MoveOn.Org, George Soros, Michael Moore, Howard Dean, John Conyers and the entire fetid core of what is being Left. They have love for just one thing...

...political power.

And it is clear, they will do ANYTHING to get it back.


OkieBoy has been dumpster diving again - this time at Huffingstuffs where he found Sheehan's plea of chastity to Drudge...

"Even after my repeated attempts to keep the focus of my protest on the war, the Drudge Report and others continue to try to make the issue about me. But I am not the issue. The issue is a disastrous war that’s killing our sons and daughters and making our country less secure. They attack me because they can no longer defend this war."

From the soiled linens of the Crawford brothel, wreaking with the filth of spent venom and naked rage, Sheehan may finally recognize the fool in the whore of what is being Left.


At Slate, Christopher Hitchens considers, What Cindy Sheehan Really Wants... Now imagine if she gets it. (HT: Carol Platt-Liebau)

This is an argument, about a real war, that deserves moral seriousness on all sides. Flippancy and light-mindedness have no place. Cindy Sheehan's cheerleader Michael Moore has compared the "insurgents" in Iraq to the American minutemen and Founding Fathers. Do I taunt him for not volunteering to fight himself in such a noble cause? Of course I do not. That would be a low and sly blow. Do I say that he is spouting fascistic nonsense? Of course I do. Is Cindy Sheehan exempt from any verdict on her wacko opinions because of her bereavement? I would say that she is not. Has she been led into a false position by eager cynics who have sacrificed nothing and who would happily surrender unconditionally to the worst enemy that currently faces civilization? That's for her to clarify. While she ponders, she should forgo prayer, stay in California, and end her protest.

With minds like Hitchens' peeling away, is it any wonder that what is being Left is collective idiocy directed by irrational rage?


Just listening to Instapunk being interviewed by Eric Hogue regarding this post, Reforming The System. He aslo links to this popst by Michelle Malkin, Sick Of The Summer Of Cindy.

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