Monday, August 15, 2005

Our Lovecraftian Demise...


Over at
OKIE on the Lam in LA, Okieboy lets his imagination drift after reading the California section of the Los Angeles Times...

Santa Monica Playing It Safe — Police tighten security even as the FBI says suspicions aroused by recent videotaping of high-profile structures appear to be unfounded. Santa Monica Police Chief James T. Butts Jr. met with reporters this week and declared a potential homeland security threat.

Police received a call last month from a citizen who had taken photos of “Middle Eastern individuals” as they shot video of the Santa Monica Pier and surrounding area in a manner that authorities said was “inconsistent with tourist documentary.”
He posits the following:

Although no stranger to histrionics, nevertheless the Santa Monica community does seem ripe for a terrorist action. Every time I walk the promenade I can imagine the chaos and destruction a couple of committed suicide killers could wreak with a few sub-machine guns and/or bomb packs. That the place is filled with European tourists most of the time would only make the target more “interesting”. Killing two birds, etc. while taking out some flagship stores just for grins.

They could certainly get a higher kill-count by hitting elsewhere, but if they paid attention they know what
one old guy in a Buick was capable of doing and could be building from there. but the FBI says “not to worry”, so I guess I won’t. We don’t go to the pier at all anymore, and rarely to the Promenade. I see enough pathetic deranged homeless trudging up and down the alley right outside this window everyday, I don’t need to pay for parking just for the privilege of seeing some more.
Sadly, things have come to the point that the potential horrors that one will inflict on another exist at the frontiers of the imagination... and Hollywood has assured that our imaginations are quite lovecraftian in their perverse fertility. One need only to look around with their family during a weekend excursion and ponder the hideous possibilities to know the mind of a monster.

There was a day that I can recall when my mother left her keys in an unlocked car on the street. Now we sit barraded at night behind locked doors 2 seconds from a 12 guage. I saw an adorable 12 week old baby in front of me in the line of the checkout at Petsmart yesterday. The curious steel anklet around her tiny leg was a chain restraining her to the carrier that contained her frail body, lest she be taken like merchandise prey to an unbound desire.

We better begin to ask what exactly carried humanity to this threshhold. Because when all this is over and the terror monsters are vanquished, we might very well need to walk back from the brink of greasy darkness where these hideous beasts reside...

... within.

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