Monday, August 08, 2005

RU 4 Aiding Negligence?...


In April of this year, Illinois Governor, Rod Blagojevich, issued a mandate to employ the force of State government to compell State licensed Pharmacists to fill prescriptions of the so-called 'Morning After' instant abortion drug, regardless of their ethical or professional misgivings. At the time, I made the following observation:

Free choice be damned! Individual moral imperatives are wholely subservient now to government edict and special interest dogma in the body of the Illinois crown. This decree is not simply about the dispensation of contraception, it is about the State compelling participation in abortion, which for many is 'murder.'

For those people who believe that abortion is murder, the Governor of Illinois is putting one gun in their hand pointed at another life, while he shoves his own gun at their head and demands that they pull the trigger before he does.
CNS News reported last week on a Professor's concern that the Abortion drug, RU-486, might have lethal side effects.

A Brown University professor has issued fresh allegations about the dangers related to the abortion drug regimen RU-486, asserting that one of the ingredients - mifepristone -- can produce fatal septic shock in a woman in the course of ending her pregnancy.

Dr. Ralph P. Miech discusses the link between mifepristone, which is marketed in the U.S. as Mifeprex, and lethal septic shock in an article published in the September issue of "The Annals of Pharmacotherapy."

Indeed we know the drug has lethal side effects. The concern here is that it may kill the mother as well. At the time I posted on the happenings in Illinois, I received a comment that defended one set of freedoms in the process of negating another. Simply stated,

"Your right to deny medication for any reason ends at my clinical depression. Are we now to sanction denial of Fluoxetine because a pharmacist is a Scientologist?"
I took the comment seriously and responded accordingly,

What if the Pharmacists has reason to believe that Flouxetine will KILL you? Is it not her responsibility to act accordingly? Because damn sure, class-action attorneys won't dismiss her volition in that regard. Or is it that convenient for you to simply ignor what is happening today with Dow-Corning? (hint: Asbestos) ... and all other mild inconveniences of reality that don't fit your dialed, myopic perspective?!But, we are not talking about your clinical depression. We ARE talking about matters of life, death, and murder. And if you recall, the judges at Nuremburg did not dismiss acts of ultimate malevolence to ignorance or obedience.

Little did I know that vindication of my point would come so succinctly. Do let's expand. Professionals are licensed by the State to ensure minimum standards of competence for the sake of public safety. But, professional expertise is aquired by experience and volition. The State may prefer professional excellence, but can do little to promote it. The market does that. Achievement is a particularly personal endeavor to be gained by those who are willing to make the effort and neglected by those who fail to perform beyond the minimum standard. The market will bestow benefits accordingly in terms of reputation and rewards.

The State on the other hand is effectively ignorant. The bureaucratic machine may function to maintain standards, but has no knowledge of, nor does it implement any particular professional service: be it architectural design, engineering, surgical procedures nor pharmacological distribution. For this purpose the individual is in practice to perform a desired service for the community, while accepting legal liability. Afterall, it is not the licensing entity (The State) that will be held legally and criminally responsible if a building collapses, or a patient dies. It therefore, has no business dictating particular procedure. So, when the Governor of the State of Illinois excercises despotic authority in absence of professional competence, that State is in fact mandating negligence.

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