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Best Served Cold, Part 2...


Well into the second week of so-called rioting in Europe, the
AP reports that violence is occurring in over 300 cities in three adjacent nations, France, Belgium, and Germany, and has claimed its first homicide...

As urban unrest spread to neighboring Belgium and possibly Germany, the French government faced growing criticism for its inability to stop the violence, despite massive police deployment and continued calls for calm.

On Sunday night, vandals burned more than 1,400 vehicles, and clashes around the country left 36 police injured, setting a new high for overnight arson and violence since rioting started Oct. 27, Michel Gaudin told a news conference.

Australia, Austria, Britain, Germany and Hungary advised their citizens to exercise care in France, joining the United States and Russia in warning tourists to stay away from violence-hit areas.

Alain Rahmouni, a national police spokesman, said the man who was beaten died at a hospital from injuries sustained in the attack, but he had no immediate details of the victim's age or his attacker.

The man was caught by surprise by an attacker after rushing out of his apartment building to put out a trash can fire, Rahmouni said.

Earlier we reported via Sky News that last week, a disabled woman on a bus was doused with gasoline and set ablaze by rioters. Neither victim has been identified to the best of my knowledge. Its a good bet that both are Jewish. For that asssertion to be relevant, however, the AP would have to report the perpetrators to be Islamic. And judging by the content of the latest story, that simply will not happen.

The cold swill of consequence is being force fed to European appeasers in response to their insufferable pacifistic oblivion and delusional collectivist conceit. Wretchard at the Belmont Club is riding this story
Here, and Here relaying a CNN report about Churches, Schools and Police Stations getting torched,

"In the northern city of Rouen, a police barricade was set afire and a burning car was pushed into the police station; and in Strasbourg, near the German border, a school was torched. A church was set ablaze in the southern fishing town of Sete and another in nearby Lens, Pas de Calais; two schools in the southeastern town of Saint-Etienne and a police station in the central France town of Clermont-Ferrand were torched, as was a social center in Seine-Saint-Denis, near the border with Switzerland."
Wretchard makes an important observation regarding the solutions at hand for the French and other EU States:

What I am afraid will happen is that the French authorities will apply the worst possible combination: a short-term crackdown based on profiling together with an agreement to cede the governance of these ghettos to some kind of Islamic councils. That will make the banlieus more opaque while at the same time making them more alien. Yet the attraction of this policy mix is obvious. It throws a bone to the extreme right and left wings of French policy and may quell the disturbances for a moment. It kicks the can down the road into a minefield. It's a soothing gargle of antiseptic mouthwash prior to flossing with a razor blade.
Indeed! Mark Steyn extends this line of thought in discussing what he calls the Eurabian civil war,

Leaving aside what I'm told are more than a few cries of "Allahu Akhbar!" on the streets, my correspondent is correct. But that's the point. The first country formally to embrace "multiculturalism" - to the extent of giving it a cabinet post - was Canada, where it was sold as a form of benign cultural cross-pollination: the best of all worlds. But just as often it gives us the worst of all worlds. More than three years ago, I wrote about the "tournante" or "take your turn" - the gang rape that's become an adolescent rite of passage in the Muslim quarters of French cities - and similar phenomena throughout the West: "Multiculturalism means that the worst attributes of Muslim culture - the subjugation of women - combine with the worst attributes of Western culture - licence and self-gratification. Tattooed, pierced Pakistani skinhead gangs swaggering down the streets of northern England areas are as much a product of multiculturalism as the turban-wearing Sikh Mountie in the vice-regal escort." Islamofascism itself is what it says: a fusion of Islamic identity with old-school European totalitarianism. But, whether in turbans or gangsta threads, just as Communism was in its day, so Islam is today's ideology of choice for the world's disaffected.

Some of us believe this is an early skirmish in the Eurabian civil war. If the insurgents emerge emboldened, what next? In five years' time, there will be even more of them, and even less resolve on the part of the French state. That, in turn, is likely to accelerate the demographic decline. Europe could face a continent-wide version of the "white flight" phenomenon seen in crime-ridden American cities during the 1970s, as Danes and Dutch scram to America, Australia or anywhere else that will have them.

And just as with a century past, Humanity is witness to the Europeans once again priming the world for a catastrophe of armageddon by extending the fuse rather than defusing the bomb.

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UPDATE: 11.08.05:13:40

There is an ongoing stream of information emerging now through the avenues of the New Media, such that one need not bother themselves with labyrinth of the Old Busted Media. Start here with The Anchoress. Okie On The Lam directs his readers to her posting of letters from a friend witnessing the chaos first hand.

When we dare to grumble, when we dare to murmur that Islam is a religion of death, that we do not want to become an Islamic republic, the media and the politicians also scorned us saying we were racist and fascist and anti-arab, and islamophobic, and anti-Semitic. But our money was not scorned upon. (we have to pay to sustain the newspapers which would collapse if it were not for our forced contribution. I pay for abortions, even if I disagree; I have to pay for communist and Trotskyite newspapers, even if I loath them; I have to pay for bad comedians who have no talent)

We pay, with our taxes, scores of “associations” full of communist-islamics and we just have to shut our mouths and say amen. Well, not “amen”; amen is not politically acceptable.
The check out Victor Davis Hanson's interview with Hugh Hewitt, and his link to an article by Bruce Thornton.

Even those who presumably believe that humans do have free will, and that spiritual reality is as real as material, are seduced by the same determinist assumptions. The Bush administration's belief that jihadist terror is a deformation of Islam brought about by lack of political freedom expresses the same assumption. This is akin to the equally mistaken belief that the jihadists in Iraq are blowing up American soldiers and fellow Moslems because of anger over the U.S. overthrow of Hussein. In both cases, those who act on the basis of spiritual beliefs are reduced to mere reactors to environmental forces outside their control. And when the jihadists identify for us, as they do repeatedly, the religious beliefs and doctrines that inspire their actions and that are consistent with the history and theology of their religion, we arrogantly dismiss their words as expressions of some neurosis or delusion whose true sources lie elsewhere.

And Hugh Hewitt links readers to Michael Totten's visions of Beirut.

Wretchard is providing his usual level of thorough analysis over at the Belmont Club,

The underclass which has announced its existence over the past 12 days is still largely uncommitted to a specific ideology; it is a variable waiting for a value. Radical Islamic elements are naturally bending effort to lead this discontent. France must offer an alternative vision, one that consists not merely of welfare checks or government benefits, but an identity which each and every resident of the banlieus can be proud of. In this contest, France must revive many of the notions which it sought even recently to bury. The idea of a love of country, not mere membership in a soulless European Union; the idea of pride, denigrated in an age of national guilt; the idea of community, at a time when cultural division, diversity, multiculturality is the highest value of the day.
He links readers via Glenn Reynolds to a series of very informative and provocative links at Adloyada. This link in particular, goes to the heart of the primary concern of those challenging the MSM's selective reporting on this story.

Today, French counter-terror sources are willing to admit, albeit on the quiet and not for attribution, that those clandestine terrorist cells may well be at the bottom of the current riots. They note the history of the Palestinian uprising, which kicked off in 1987 with stones and petrol bombs, only to evolve into a suicidal terrorist war by the late nineties. They fear this process may be beginning - not just in France but in the rest of Europe too, that the covert nucleus of trained and indoctrinated Islamic terrorists al Qaeda buried inside Europe is being turned against the continent, starting in France.

My own fear is that we are seeing another episode of the ongoing European conflagation rising as it has many times before, sucking the world like oxygen into its inferno while the great doomed promethian Pheonix perishes again.

UPDATE: 11.08.05:20.15

Another bit of news not being widely reported. Debkanews further notes a new slogan being deployed by the impoverished hooligans.

...disturbing new slogans were hurled, depicting Paris as ”Baghdad-on-the Seine” and their campaign as the start of Europe’s Ramadan Intifada.

A single slogan made a mockery of president Jacques Chirac’s efforts of the last three years to distance France from President George W. Bush’s Iraq war.

(emphasis added)

I'd say, based on comments that I have heard today, members of a certain Western political persuasion have begun running the rioters' campaign. Never let it be said that there is an episode of violence too ghastly for the Left to exploit for their our perverted advantage. One might imagine Indymedia printshops in Portland and Seattle working overtime cranking out T-shirts, posters, and molotov labels for their new friends. If there's anything Socialists and Communists know, its how to use people to death.

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