Friday, November 18, 2005

More Ass than Brains...

Democrats Demand Unconditional Surrender!

Republican Congressmen prepare to slink home in shame for the Holiday recess as Congressional Democrats catering to the world's radical Leftwing constuency, demand today the unconditional surrender of the United States in the Global War on Terror. Speaking on behalf of the Democrats, Rep. John Murtha (D. Pennsylvania) called for the immediate withdrawal of U.S. forces from operations in the theatre of Iraq. Its not the first time the so-called 'hawk' urged the cut-and-run policy it would seem. But, again it launched headlines in a media obessed with bringing down this particular Administration... even if it means an insurmountable victory for the enemies of Civilization.

Discussing the failure of Congressional leadership on his show today, Hugh Hewitt probed the ramifications of Republican capitulation to the Democrat cut-and-run caucus with columnist Mark Steyn who warned,

I think it's interpreted around the world by everyone from Mssrs. Zarqawi, in whatever place he's holed up in, in the Sunni Triangle at the moment, to President Chirac, as President Bush's abandonment, even by his own party. And that's why it's a disgrace.

Yet, while Democrats continue to explore the depths of their own stygian repugnance, Republicans have all but surrendered the field of debate to their despicable adversaries. Providing Democrats with a renewed degree of momentum in their political quest to undermine Administration efforts in the GWOT earlier this week, Republican and Democrat Senators voted overwhelmingly for the Warren Amendment which calls on the President to provide Congress with regular updates of progress on the War in Iraq. And while the same Senate rejected a Democrat proposal for specific withdrawal procedures, consensus opinion on the matter concludes that passed legislation establishes the means for withdrawal by transferring war matters from the realm of National Security to that of political expediency in the hands of partisan opportunists. It was, for all intents and purposes, a unmistakeable vote of no confidence in the President and his Administration in their efforts to bring liberty to the Middle East and security to the World. Perhaps its just a slight bit of pandering to concocted concensus by the glorified manure haulers posing as an aristocracy, insulated within the ivory privies of D.C. But, Steyn is absolutely correct that - with soldiers, allies and enemies alike -it surely stripped a fatal degree of confidence in the Nation's ability to sustain battle, even after the staggering(?) casualties sustained in over 4 years of combat with the vilest butchers the world has ever known. Those same butchers now have suddenly been given every reason to continue their reign of barbarian savagery thanks to Mr. Murtha and his cohorts on the Left...and Right.

And that surely is, among other things, at least a disgrace.

This inexplicable demonstration of complete political impotence on the part of Congressional Republicans has afforded the fanatic Left unmitigated impertinence to come fully unglued. At will now, they deliver personal insult. They proclaim unchallenged and near-treasonous admonitions abroad. They profess outrageous demands for withdrawal and surrender of U.S. forces fighting and winning both the War and the Peace against Terrorism on the Iraq front. And the Old Media reports on it all tonight with a glorified air of self-righteous impertinence.

Clearly, the donkeys have prevailed in Washington this week. It is certainly worth repeating that the entire U.S Senate can be said to be composed of jackasses... at least 3/4ths of it anyway which is more ass than brains. And the House is not proving itself any more admirable after abandoning key provisions of the President's Energy Plan, joining with their Senate colleagues to abandon their values and sustain an infectious moratorium on wisdom, intellect and courage.

Once abandoned, not even the great Oz can restore those virtues in the faith of the American people. Certainly not in the next 12 months.


Democrats, do you not see the pattern of consequences to your actions?

Bombers Kill 65 at Two Mosques in Iraq

Or is this what you are counting on to grease the skids of your political ambitions?


It looks like
a showdown and its happening now. House republicans have indulged Rep. Murtha's call for immediate surrender and are bringing the Murtha Amendment to the floor for a vote within the hour. Do you understand what is happening in the House, Mr.Frist? Take notes.


If withdrawing from the War in Iraq is such a popular sentiment, Senators, then why a vote
403-3 from your colleague in the House?
The House voted 403-3 to reject a nonbinding resolution calling for an immediate
troop withdrawal.
AP Reports the vote tonight as a political stunt initiated by Republicans in the House. But the real stuntwork has come from the Democrats, championing a clearly unpopular notion in the hopes of sinking an unmistakeably successful effort in the War on Terror... a notion that, despite months of pressing, in the end they would not even publicly support when it came to the Congressional record. It has been a show in which the Associated Press and other factions of the Lefts's media propaganda machine have played both dog and pony.

As for New Media... Hugh Hewitt wraps this episode up nicely!

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