Wednesday, November 23, 2005

What is Being Left - Human Rot...


Throughout the height of the 2004 Presidential Election campaign, there was Candidate John Kerry, his party leaders and primary advocates, challenging the history of the man, in an attempt to separate judgment from character in the role of leadership. ( See:
Mice and Men)Bear witness now to the reality of what was being offered as a substitute for substance paraded before the nation and the world in raw and unnmodified form. It is human rot!

The political manifestation of this rot is revealed to us today by Michelle Malkin, through the words of John O'Neill's New York Sun op-ed:

Are the politicians like Mr. Kerry who led the campaign to send our kids to war (when it waspopular) now to withdraw support while they are locked in combat and apparently succeeding because the task is difficult or unpopular? Will Mainstream Media "Kerry" our troops by portraying Abu Ghraib or isolated cases of prisoner mistreatment as the rule to demoralize our troops and nation, while ignoring the beheadings and butchery of those peacefully praying in Mosques or shopping in a Bazaar? Will the press's selective glorification of isolated figures such as Cindy Sheehan, Mr. Kerry, or Mr. Murtha drown out the actual voices of the large majority of our servicemen? I hope not. We pay our troops little and subject them to considerable danger. We can at the very least support them with stability of mission and honesty of reporting.
Likewise, we ought not to "Kerry" our troops with after-the-battle second-guessing. The fog of combat produces in any war mistake and folly. Both World War II and the Korean War began with wholly avoidable military disasters - Pearl Harbor and the retreat to Pusan. Likewise, the Iraq War has had its share of mistakes and miscalculations (along with brilliant successes). But it simply Kerries our troops in the field to elevate network newsmen (who have likely never even spent a night in a tent) or self-promoted Congressional military heroes with two months of 35 years ago combat in a much different world into armchair Napoleons. That is why we rely instead upon the Joint Chiefs of Staff, the best professional military establishment in the world (when they are left alone). And we should remember the words of Thomas Dewey declining to make Pearl Harbor a campaign issue in 1944: "I would rather lose the presidency and win the war than the reverse."

On December 23, 1776, with Washington's army freezing in tatters at Morristown, Thomas Paine in "Common Sense" wrote, "These are the times that try men's souls." He noted many mistakes by the American army, but noted that "tyranny, like hell, is not easily conquered" and that heaven charges a high price for freedom because it is so precious. It was a time when "the summer soldier and the sunshine patriot shrink ... " but those who stood firm would someday receive the love and appreciation of the nation.
Far from his projection as the winter soldier, Kerry personifies a movement that lacks soul with no semblance of common sense. Contempt has become the currency of the fearful, deployed against those pillars of liberty. And no word better defines the essence of what is being Left, if not profound contempt... for everything and everyone.

The problem with the Left - and Democrat Party by proxy - is that it has become an assemblage of self-loathing insects. I use the word insect quite deliberately, because they believe humans to be merely a parasite that plagues the Universe. Whether this causes them to hate themselves, or is bred of the fact that they already hate themselves is quite irrelevent. What is relevant is the projection of that self-image by them on everyone else. Over the years, the relativist doctines of liberal/leftists dogma invented to take advantage of that very same notion of worthlessness, has attracted the righteous and the rebrobates alike; all sharing one common essence of a morality... that they should not be allowed to exist. No one should be allowed to exist. Freedom in that regard is relegated to the service of lip yet a folly in fact. Parasites dare not be free to act in their own self interest. Ultimately they must be exterminated.

It is the ethic of the anti-human that holds as its fundamental precept that humans should never have existed. Its concepts have been manifested in the beliefs of fanatical nihilism that seeks to right a metaphysical wrong by means of erasure. It is by definition of its suicidal intentions, a pathology. It is one so repugnant as to have since driven away men of virtue from affiliated organizations like the Democratic Party and its related causes, leaving only what is Left....those that want:

1. to die

2. to take everyone else with them (ie: those who will oblige you to "Kill Yourself")...

...and 3. those that want to use these pitiful saps as a means to their ends, be they despots or butchers. (ie: those who will order that you be killed or will simply kill you.)

As Major Mike explains, the Chris Matthews' of the world, great shamans of nihilist idiocy, would have you struggle to understand the lovecraftian demons lurking the murky frontiers of primordial savagery. In true kantian fashion - masturbating his own depraved fantasies for a momentary epiphany of worth - he would have us pause to figure out "the other side." The butchers of this world, like Abu Musab al-Zarqawi and Ottis Toole, according the the doctine's of Leftist mythology, "just have a different perspective."

Kerry and Matthews and the inane wart preaching at the DU would have us withdraw our judgment in relative consideration of that perspective, while the butchers extend their razors of objective consequence to fulfill the ultimate desire of what is being Left.

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